Authority to make closure decisions

Since the closure of a programme is primarily a business decision, the authority to initiate the programme closure process lies with the appropriate Faculty Executive group, acting on the advice of the relevant academic Department/School and (if appropriate) with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor’s Group.

In some cases (e.g. the closure of a partnership which involves more than one Faculty), a closure decision may originate from VCG, who will nominate a PVC/Dean to convene an exit group to take the closure process forward (see Route B closure).

The Academic Board has ultimate authority for making academic decisions about the University’s portfolio of programmes, and - via its sub-committees, primarily QLIC - it may bring concerns about academic standards or quality to the attention of the relevant Faculty Executive group or to VCG, and ask them to consider whether a programme should be closed.

In order to conclude the closure process, the relevant Faculty AESC/QLIC (or, for cross-University provision, University QLIC) must approve the delivery and quality assurance arrangements to be put in place while existing students complete their programme of study.