Website support

The Web team provides support, guidance and training to web editors with responsibility for pages on

We use Kentico, our supported content management system (CMS), to build and manage our website.

We can't provide any technical help with a service that isn't part of Kentico. If you need this kind of support, contact IT support.

What support do you need?

Editing web pages

General pages

Submit a web support request for web edits managed by the Web team.

Course pages (including urgent changes)

Submit a form to request/report an edit to an existing course page.

Staff profiles

Look for your faculty details for staff profile support.

Kentico training

Submit a Kentico access and training request form.

Research centres and groups

To request a new webpage for a research centre or group you can submit a research webpage request. You can see examples of research pages on our website.

We don’t provide support with external sites, but if you are considering one for your project, depending on your budget, you could consider Google sites, WordPress or Squarespace. There are also some handy tips on the research support page of our website.

Google Analytics

Analytics reports

We are able to provide data and set up reports for pages on Please submit a web support request.


Google provides free training for GA4 analytics. To get started, try the following:

Writing for the web

We provide best practice guides and training materials for the following topics:

  • writing for the web
  • accessibility
  • user research
  • Siteimprove.