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The Brookes People Awards are an opportunity for you to recognise colleagues for their outstanding work. The recognition scheme reminds us of our successes which are achieved through the hard work, talent and the commitment of colleagues.

The award scheme run every two years. Any member of staff can nominate any Brookes employee or team for work carried out during the two years leading up to the Awards ceremony, regardless of whether that person or team works directly with, or for, them.

Watch this video about our fantastic staff from the 2020 Brookes People Awards ceremony. 

Award categories

There are fourteen award categories: twelve based on the Oxford Brookes guiding principles, and the Brookes Award for both individuals and teams:


An award for work contributing to inclusivity amongst staff, students and the local community: Individual award & Team award


An award for work such as demonstrating confidence in people and new ideas, leading change and empowering others: Individual award & Team award

Enterprising Creativity

An award for work such as innovation, noticing opportunities that improve Brookes, and adaptability/flexibility: Individual award & Team award


An award for work such as internal and external partnerships: Individual award & Team award

Generosity of Spirit

An award for supporting others: Individual award & Team award

Colleague of the Year

This award recognises outstanding work demonstrating all four of the University’s guiding principles in action. The award recognises an individual who consistently and to an exceptionally high level reflects the University’s guiding principles through their work. People nominated under this category make a contribution ‘over and above,’ are a pleasure to work with, deliver on promises, and go that ‘extra mile’ in their work. Nominations should include specific examples where the colleague concerned has actively demonstrated all our guiding principles.

Team of the Year

An award which recognises outstanding work demonstrating all of the University’s guiding principles in action and/or an open award for a team within the University who make a contribution ‘over and above’, are a pleasure to work with, deliver on promises, and go that ‘extra mile’ in their work.

Brookes Award

An award which recognises an individual or team who have made a significant difference to others in the University or within the wider community specifically through volunteering or external engagement. As these activities are by their nature so strongly linked to all of our guiding principles, nominations need not include explicit reference to them.


Colleagues will have a number of weeks to submit their nominations for each round of the Brookes People Awards. 

To nominate:

  • think about which of your colleagues have gone above and beyond in the past two years and how they specifically meet the award category

  • fill in the nomination form - this should take no more than five minutes and is intended to give a brief summary of the nominee’s work and why they deserve the award
  • please be as specific as possible when filling out the form - the judges will be looking for clear examples over style.

Nominators will automatically be sent a receipt to confirm their nomination has been received by the Brookes People Awards team.

Judging process

The steering group and judging panel meet after the nomination period to review all nominations and will decide on final winners, evaluating each nominee alongside the criteria for the inclusivity award.

The final winners for the award will be announced at the awards ceremony and on the scheme webpages immediately afterwards.

The winners' nominations will be publicised on the scheme webpages, through Staff Update and in displays around the University.