Race equality

Oxford Brookes University is committed to the promotion of race equality as part of our equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. This is central to our values and ambitions for the quality of the experience of our students and staff.

The University recognises that addressing racial inequalities and improving representation, progression and success of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students and staff are significant issues for the higher education sector.

We are working towards long-term change in organisational practice and culture. We want to ensure there are no barriers to participation, inclusion and achievement for students and staff on the basis of race or ethnicity.

UK higher education cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population and until individuals from all ethnic backgrounds can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.

Oxford Brookes participated in the ECU Race Equality Charter Mark pilot in 2014. This provided important lessons and insights to guide our progress and stakeholder engagement.

Oxford Brookes developed a Race Equality Strategy in 2017 supported by a Race Equality Action Plan to focus and measure progress annually.

Watch video: Race Equality Steering Group members discuss progress and priorities for Race Equality Week 2022

Our strategy

Our strategy and action plan are led by a Race Equality Steering Group (RESG) chaired by Professor Anne-Marie Kilday, PVC Student Experience and University Community. The RESG reports to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group (EDIAG) and through this to the Vice-Chancellor’s Group.

The overarching objectives for the current strategy are that:

  1. Oxford Brookes will have a staff ethnicity profile which broadly reflects the diversity of its student body
  2. BAME staff will be represented at all levels and in all areas of the University
  3. BAME students will be participating in all subject areas at least in the same proportion as the benchmark
  4. The awarding gap for BAME students will continue to narrow
  5. Satisfaction levels for BAME students and staff will be equivalent to those of their White counterparts
  6. Oxford Brookes will establish efficient and effective mechanisms to gather accurate internal and external benchmark data to measure the success and effectiveness of its strategy on race equality.

Oxford Brookes is a member of the Advance HE Race Equality Charter and has set up a University-wide Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team to drive actions for achievement of a charter award. This will lead to development of a new Race Equality Strategy and related Action Plan.

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