Resources on race and anti-racism

Groups from across Oxford Brookes University have been developing resources to help staff and students self-educate about the lived realities of racism, recognise white privilege and develop anti-racist practice.

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Anti-racism reading list

A list of books, films and TV programmes available in the Library or via online services.

Developing Brookes resources

  • The Inclusive Teaching stream of the Brookes Scholarship group and the Inclusive Curriculum Enhancement Group are developing resources to support Inclusive Teaching.
  • The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have put together resources in support of Black Lives Matter on their Faculty EDI webpages.
  • Academics and professional services staff in the Anti-Racism Action Group are focused on sharing insights and resources for action to decolonise and diversify the curriculum and improve student experience. The group produces the Upstream Newsletter featuring articles by Brookes staff and students.
  • The BAME Staff Network organises initiatives to benefit all BAME colleagues and the wider University community, and is an active partner in shaping future institutional strategy through the Race Equality Steering Group and broader engagement.

If you have information to share on local staff actions please email Jane Butcher:

See Mireille Cassandra-Harper's 10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship and Robin DiAngelo's introduction to how ‘white fragility’ reinforces racism for perspectives on thinking and behaviours.

Watch Re:Tension - 20 minute film, written and directed by Ricardo Barker, which addresses institutional racism, unconscious racial harassment and microaggressions with concrete and relatable drama.

Anti-Racism Action Group videos

Recordings of interviews and events organised by the Anti-Racism Action Group

On racism, Brexit and religion

Revd Shemil Mathew (Oxford Brookes University) in conversation with Prof Anthony Reddie (Regent's Park College, University of Oxford).

On racism, police and the state

Diko Blackings (former president of Student Union, Oxford Brookes University) in conversation with Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper (University of Greenwich and The Monitoring Group).

Marius Turda Historicizing Race Discussion

Event organised by Upstream, the BAME Action Group and the Working Group on the History of Race and Eugenics, Oxford Brookes University, 13 April 2018.

Onyeka Nubia's lecture on African Presence in Tudor England (Part 1)

Oxford Brookes University, 9 Nov 2018, Introduced by Marius Turda, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Onyeka Nubia's lecture on African Presence in Tudor England (Part 2)

Questions from the audience.

Black History Month videos

Recordings of Brookes Black History Month events and features from recent years.


In Conversation with Margaret Busby

Britain’s youngest and first Black woman book publisher (Black History Month 2019)

Afua Hirsch

Brit (ish)...Where are you really from? (Black History Month Lecture 2018)

Cecilia Anim CBE 

My journey from Ghana to RCN President (Black History Month 2018)