Hazardous substances (OBUHSN-19) Appendix 2

Guidance literature

Further guidance may be obtained from:

  1. Hazards in the Chemical Laboratory,(3rd edition 1981) L.Bretherick;*
  2. Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards,(3rd edition 1985) L.Bretherick;*
  3. COSHH: guidance for University's, Polytechnics and Colleges of Further and Higher Education (Education Advisory Services Committee - HSE);*
  4. Health & Safety Guide (Committee of Polytechnic Directors);***
  5.  Health surveillance under COSHH (HSE);***
  6. Hazard Data Sheets (BDH Limited);***
  7. Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names, (8th edition 1978) W.Gardner;*
  8. Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, N.Irving Sax;*
  9.  COP 3: Work with asbestos insulation, coating and insulating board;*** 
  10.  COP21: Control of Asbestos at Work;***
  11. COP29: COSHH - Control of Carcinogenic substances;***
  12.  COP30: COSHH - Control ... in fumigation operations;***
  13. COP 2: Control of Lead at work;***
  14. COP41: Control of substances hazardous to health in the production of pottery;*
  15. HSE Series of Guidance Notes (CS) on Chemical Safety;*
  16. HSE Series of Guidance Notes (EH) on Environmental Hygiene;*
  17. HSE Series of Guidance Notes (MS) on Medical matters;*
  18. COSHH: An open learning course.*

Library references

*          Indicates Individual reference in Library stock

**         Indicates Contained in Library stock within The Encyclopaedia of Health & Safety at Work (ref 344.0465 enc)

***       Indicates Individual Reference in the Safety Office