Safety Management Arrangements (OBUHSN-02)


This Health and Safety Notice must be read and understood by all employees of Oxford Brookes University. It should also be read and understood by members of the student body.

The Health and Safety Policy of Oxford Brookes University is OBUHSN-01 "Statement of Policy" which forms the foreword to the Oxford Brookes University Health and Safety Manual. It is distributed to all members of staff with their contract of employment.

The Health and Safety Manual contains a number of Health and Safety Notices providing guidance on the implementation of health and safety management for the University. An index of these Health and Safety Notices is available.

Copies of the Health and Safety Manual are available for employees of Oxford Brookes University and members of the student body to read and are located in all Faculty/Directorate Offices, the Personnel General Office, and the Safety Office and on the Health and safety policies page.

Those Health and Safety Notices that must be read by and/or explained to all employees, students and visitors will be identified in the introduction of each particular notice and in the list of Health and Safety Notices. It is the responsibility of the Dean/Director through the line management to ensure that the attention of employees, students and visitors is drawn to those Health and Safety Notices having a direct relevance to their work or conditions.

The basic objectives of the health and safety management arrangements are to ensure that statutory requirements and corporate standards for health and safety are met, that the health and safety of employees, students and visitors are ensured, and that the University can demonstrate to others its safe and reliable operation.


The Oxford Brookes University Health and Safety Manual and the Notices it contains are intended to provide a single set of instructions that, if followed, should automatically ensure compliance with the law and corporate directives. They are therefore mandatory for all persons on any Oxford Brookes University site or part thereof.


The Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Board of Governors for the health and safety of all operations at the University in compliance with the Oxford Brookes University Health and Safety Notices and with any relevant legislation.

Each Dean/Director must ensure that safe systems of work are in place for all operations under their control and for assessing the performance of their Faculties/ Directorates against health and safety requirements.

The Safety Officer and Senior Occupational Health Advisor advise the Vice-Chancellor on compliance with health and safety requirements. They will assist all members of Faculties/Directorates in discharging their health and safety responsibilities. They are responsible for independently assessing the performance of these Faculties/Directorates against health and safety standards.

The health and safety responsibilities of others appointed to specific health and safety roles are described in OBUHSN-03 and OBUHSN-04.

Each individual is responsible for their own and that of others health and safety at work. They are also responsible for co-operating with line management so far as is necessary to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements. No individual should undertake any work for which they have not received adequate instruction, training and/or information.


The measures taken to ensure the health and safety at work of employees and others are kept under review by the Oxford Brookes University Health, Safety and Welfare Committee. This Committee is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor or their nominee, and attended by representatives of trade unions and management. The Committee is further described in OBUHSN-05.

Issue: 06 April 2009