Open offer for all staff

A key feature of the EXPLORE@Brookes series of learning and development sessions and resources is that they are open and accessible to any colleague who wants to continue or refresh their professional development beyond their first three years. Oxford Brookes academics and research staff, as well as colleagues teaching Brookes students at Associate College Partners or as members of Global Partnerships, can book onto and attend individual events as part of their continuing professional development. 

There are sessions to support teaching practice, teaching scholarship, leadership and, from colleagues in the Researcher Development Team and the Graduate College, to support research, knowledge exchange and the supervision of Brookes research students.

How to book

To book onto a session, please go to: >  Find learning 

  • select the session(s) you are interested in
  • click into each session
  • book a date to attend

Bookings for the Teaching, Scholarship and Leadership sessions will close 3 working days before the scheduled session.