New Employees - Guidance for Managers

Being a new employee to an organisation can be daunting and overwhelming. As a line manager, your role is to support your new employee. These guidance pages will help you.  


A well thought out induction process is very important as it is an opportunity to welcome the new employee and help them settle into their role effectively. We have a range of tools available to support you and your new employee in their induction.

Induction - Guidance for Managers

The induction - guidance for managers page is a good starting point for a manager. Not only does the guide explain what induction is and what induction looks like, but it provides further information on key milestones in the induction process. Keeping in contact with a new starter is very important before they arrive and ensuring their workstation/equipment will be ready for when they start.

New starters pages

Each new starter has access to our new starters pages in Staff Learning which signposts new starters to relevant information from the first day of their employment.  There is general information available to all staff and further information for: 

  • Managers new to Brookes
  • Academics and researchers
  • Associate Lecturers
  • International staff

It would be beneficial to look at these pages as you are designing your own induction programme to see what is already covered to avoid duplication.

Mandatory training courses

Most new starters will be required to do some mandatory training courses to ensure they have the correct knowledge, skills and capabilities to do their role safely. You can see what courses have been allocated to your new employee in the Manager Dashboard. It is important that as a line manager, you allocate sufficient time for these courses to be completed.

There is also a new starters essentials course (replaces the previous checklist) to be completed which provides some further useful information and links to documents.


As part of the induction process, it will be useful to identify a person who could support your new employee as a buddy. They will be able to answer informal questions about how thinks are done and be around to answer any questions in your absence. Buddies are valuable in helping someone settle in to their new role. Once you have identified who would be a buddy for your new starter, speak to them to ensure that they wish to take on the role. You could direct them to our Guidance for buddies page which explains more information on what a buddy is and what their role is.


All new staff to the university are appointed on a probationary basis. The probation policy will help explain everything you need to do within the probationary period. There are also some handy Probation FAQ to guide you further.