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Housing List 2024/25

There is still limited availability in Brookes Lettings housing - bookings are still open!

Housing list 2024/25

How to apply

  • You will need to be logged into your @brookes Google account to view booking forms, floor plans and photos.
  • You will need the correct number of people in your group to fill a ‘groups only’ house (e.g. four people to book a four bedroom house).

  • If you are not part of a group, use the ‘Individual Rooms’ or ‘1 Bedroom Flat’ booking forms.

  • To make a booking, please complete the corresponding form at the bottom of the page to submit an application.

  • If booking as a group, only one of you needs to complete the form. There is no advantage to making multiple applications.

  • Please make sure you read about how the process works here before submitting your application.

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Brookes Lettings

Available by phone, email and in-person by appointment only.

Phone: +44 (0) 1865 534444 option 3 then option 2