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If you would like the independence of living in your own house or flat, but the convenience and security of living in university-managed accommodation, a Brookes Lettings property is a great option. Check the map below to see which areas of Oxford we cover.

Room location guide

Each room has a code which refers to its position in the house. These codes are written from the perspective of a person standing outside the front door and looking at the house. For example:

  • GFFL - ground floor, front left
  • FFMR - first floor, middle right
  • SFBL - second floor, back left

Make a note of your room's position so that you book the right one on the portal.

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Bills and contracts

Most houses offer either a 46 week contract (early September to mid-July) or a 50 week contract (early September to mid-August).

Generally bills are not included, so you and your housemates will set these up upon moving in. 

Bills are now on average £15 - £20 per person per week depending on use, so make sure you factor this in. Please note this is just an estimate and could change quickly due to increasing living costs in the UK.

If the rent does include bills, we will specify this on the housing list. 

A residential property


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