Policies and contracts

When you accept a tenancy agreement for our accommodation you will be agreeing to a legally binding contract, as would be the case with any lettings agent. Some of our halls of residence are owned or operated by third parties. Tenancies for these halls are subject to specific terms and conditions which differ from those of our university-managed residences. 

Once you have digitally signed your accommodation contract with us, please note that you will have entered into a fixed-term legally binding financial agreement. If you do not wish to commit to the contract and its associated terms and conditions including the dates the contract covers, please do not confirm your acceptance of the agreement. It is not possible to cancel your accommodation contract or the dates it covers if you change your mind later even if you choose not to move in.

About the Accommodation Bureau

We support new and continuing students in applying for their university accommodation. We offer accommodation in our halls of residences and manage a head lease scheme of student houses.

We also provide support to residents in university accommodation who encounter problems or difficulties, and can provide advice on most accommodation issues.

Our customer promise

We adhere to the following customer promise:

"We are committed to providing a professional and friendly service that invests in your future."

We do this by:

  • Delivering consistent, high-quality service
  • Being honest and transparent
  • Listening responding and growing with our customers' needs
  • Ensuring that our services have a significant and positive net impact on society and that we promote sustainable living throughout the university
  • Showing respect and integrity.

Our customer service standards

Oxford Brookes University recognises the importance of providing a good and consistent level of customer service. For this reason, the following set of Customer Service Standards have been adopted and implemented by the residences team.

The Student Accommodation Code

Oxford Brookes offers accommodation for new and existing full-time students who wish to live in our halls and shared houses.

Oxford Brookes University's Halls of Residence and Accommodation Services comply with the UUK Code of Practice. The full Student Accommodation Code can be found on the SAC website.

The Student Accommodation Code

Privacy policy

Oxford Brookes University and our third party residence providers, Unite Students Ltd and A2Dominion, will process data in order to arrange accommodation contracts. The data controller is Oxford Brookes University. We hold nomination agreements with the third party providers so that students can be nominated to stay inside their student residences. We will pass on necessary information to these providers, as detailed in our Privacy Notice.