Quick Start Guide and University Handbook

Oxford Brookes Quick Start Guide

Starting university involves many new experiences, and involves navigating processes, systems and even language that will be unfamiliar to you. With that in mind, the Centre for Academic Development, in collaboration with colleagues across the University, has produced the Oxford Brookes Quick Start Guide.

The Quick Start Guide can be used as a glossary of university terminology, which can be really helpful if there is an issue you would like to explore but you are not sure who to talk to about it. In this document, you will find out who does what in the University, how your coursework is assessed, what the difference is between a Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and much more. We hope that the Quick Start Guide will help you understand how university works and, therefore, how you can make the most of the opportunities waiting for you at Oxford Brookes University.

Student concentrating on computer
Getting started at Oxford Brookes

University Handbook

Another really useful resource for your student journey is the University Handbook. This includes more information about getting started at Oxford Brookes and is a good starting point for understanding the University Regulations that are designed to ensure that Oxford Brookes is a safe and inclusive place to be and that assessment methods are fair and transparent.

The handbook also includes essential information about programme requirements, how assessment works and what is involved in progressing from one level to the next.

Like the Quick Start Guide, the University Handbook is a document you may want to come back to from time to time to find specific information, and it also includes many links for you to explore topics in more detail. 

You can find the handbook and access an A-Z of academic policies by selecting the link below.

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Reading up on regulations

Further information

We hope you find the Quick Start Guide and University Handbook useful, but recognise that no document can answer every question you might have. Fortunately, Oxford Brookes is a place where there are many sources of advice and support, which you can explore at the link below.