Blue marking cards

If you are eligible to use Blue marking cards, it will be shown on your Inclusive Support Plan (ISP). Attach the blue card to your assignments and exam papers so that your academic staff are aware of your specific learning difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Condition and/or other cognitive processing difficulties and will mark with an emphasis on content.

Blue card marking is independent from other adjustments on your ISP such as course work extensions.

There are guidelines for marking work of students with specific learning difficulties and/or Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

  • For formal exams, you will be given a blue card as part of your exam pack. 

Online submission

Add your blue card in Moodle and Turnitin when you submit your work. Follow the instructions by watching these short videos.

Submitting the blue card with a Turnitin assignment

Some online submissions are through Turnitin. This will be accessed through the Moodle site for your module.

Submitting the blue card with a Moodle assignment

Some assignments are submitted directly through Moodle.

Electronic copies of the blue card

It is rare to require a physical copy of the blue marking card. If you need an electronic version please contact Inclusive Support