Enrolment and fees

  • All research students are required to enrol as students of the University at the start of their research degree programme and again at the beginning of each of the subsequent September enrolment periods until the conferment of the degree.

    If you have any queries about research student enrolment, please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk or telephone +44 (0)1865 484244.

  • Continuing enrolment is now completed online via your Student Information pages and details of how to complete annual enrolment will be sent by email to all current students in advance of online enrolment opening.

    All continuing full-time and part-time students studying at the University should follow the online enrolment instructions and complete academic enrolment via their Student Information pages. Financial enrolment will vary according to how each student is funding and paying fees and details for completing this stage will be included in the enrolment information sent to you in August.  

    You should contact the Research Degrees Team in Student Central if you have any difficulties completing online enrolment  either by phone: +44 (0)1865 484244 or email: researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk.

    If you are away from the University during this time or are a part-time student and are experiencing difficulties when completing the process online, please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk and we will advise you about how to complete the process.

    You are not an enrolled student of the University until your fees are paid.  Details of full-time and part-time research degree fees for the next academic year can be found on the Finance website

    Staff fees

    Please note that there are no fee waivers for staff, all members of staff wishing to undertake a research degree must have approval via their annual PDR and apply for funding from the Staff Development Fund.

    If you are a member of staff enrolling on the MPhil/PhD or Professional Doctorate Programmes and wish to have your fees paid through the Staff Development Fund, you must consult your Line Manager and make the necessary arrangements as part of your annual PDR.  This must be agreed and approved in advance of enrolment and the completed approval form and financial charge code must be provided when you enrol.  Enrolment can only be completed when the financial part of the process is completed, therefore it is important that this has been arranged in advance of enrolment. 

    If you are receiving a grant to cover the fees from a grant-awarding body, you must bring with you written notification of the award from the funding body. If your fees are being paid by your employer or another sponsor, you must bring a letter from them confirming the sponsorship.

    If there is subsequently any difficulty in the University obtaining payment of the fees, you will be required to pay the fees yourself on demand and to reclaim the money from the awarding body when the details of your grant or sponsorship are settled.

    If you are responsible for payment of your fees, you must pay them as indicated in the information you will receive in advance of each enrolment period.  If you have paid them in advance you should email the receipt or the remittance advice to the Research Degrees Team.

    Self-financed students are able to pay their fees online by credit/debit card via PiP or phone or in person at the counter in Student Central or by bank transfer. 

    PhD students who have already paid full-time fees for three years or part-time fees for six years are required to pay a continuation fee until the submission of their thesis. For MPhil students, fees must be have been paid for two years full-time or four years part-time.

    On submission of your thesis you must remain enrolled by completing online enrolment, however once the thesis has been submitted, no fees will be charged for this period.

    Exceptionally all research students are given an additional 4 weeks extension to submit their thesis for examination at each of the fee submission deadlines.   Therefore, please note that in order to be eligible for this extension and fee waiver, all theses must be submitted to the Research Degrees Team by 5.00pm on the last working day of September, January or June each year, in order for the fees to be waived.  

    Students who fail to submit by 5.00pm on the last working day of September, January or June each year, will, without exception, be required to pay the instalment of fees that is due for that period of the academic year.

    However, regardless of whether you intend to submit your thesis, all students must complete online enrolment by the deadline you will see on the online system.

    The submission deadlines each academic year are the last working day of September, January and June and again any student submitting by one of these deadlines will not be required to pay any further fees. 

    You are expected to keep your student/library card for the remainder of your research degree programme. If the completion date on the card has expired or is incorrect, we will issue you with a new card.
    All International students should bring their passport, visa/Biometric card and where applicable ID cards with them to enrolment as the University is now required to keep scanned copies of these documents as part of the UKVI Points Based System.  These documents will be checked by the Compliance Team as part of Visa Enrolment.

    If you are in doubt about any of these instructions please contact the Research Degrees Administrator:


    +44 (0)1865 483869

    Please ensure that when you come to enrol you have the following:

    1. the completed and signed Staff Development form which must include the Faculty finance charge code; or
    2. the evidence that you are getting a grant that covers your fees; or
    3. a letter from your employer or sponsor confirming that they will be paying your fees if they want to be invoiced directly by the Finance Office; or
    4. credit/debit card details;
    5. International students should bring their passport, visa/Biometric card and where appropriate an ID card.