If you are worried about missing out on a place at university because you do not meet your conditional offer(s) then you may still be able to get a place at Oxford Brookes through Clearing.

About Clearing

Courses that have not been filled by late August will be put into Clearing and listed here.

For information on the Clearing system, contact UCAS. You cannot apply through Clearing if you have already been accepted onto a course at another institution without first being released from that institution.

Clearing provides you with an an opportunity if you have:

  • changed your mind about what or where you want to study
  • missed your grades
  • not received the offer you want
  • already got your qualifications and have decided to apply directly to university
  • decided to give university a go.

Top tips for Clearing

We asked our schools liaison team for their Clearing top tips. Here’s what they said:

Ask for advice

Talk to someone - they can be from your school, college, centre, careers office - and ask them for advice. Parents or carers can also help you think of important things you may not have considered.

Keep your options open

If you can’t find the exact course you want - don’t be disheartened. See if there’s a similar course that has spaces in Clearing. Remember to check the course structure and module choices to make sure the course is right for you. Some courses may have similar names, but the course content could be very different!

Look at the bigger picture

It is important to know whether the university is for you. Look at the university’s student support services, see which societies there are, what the city is like. You could also chat to students to find out about their experience. You’ll be making this place your home, so you need to be confident that it’s a match.

“My advice for anyone going through Clearing is not to be worried. If you're passionate you will get where you want to be.”

Samuel Musset, Mechanical Engineering