OB1 Live 01: National Student Architecture Festival

A lightweight intervention celebrating the sounds of the place - the River Thames, Big Ben over the way, the carousel behind, the Railway above and Buskers below. Re-marking Hungerford Bridge with the imagined and the physical – asking who are the performers?

Working with the Saison Children's Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall, wishing to bring the library outside for the summer. The Proscenium Pieces revealed the underestimated qualities of the everyday life of this transitory space along the South Bank in London.


International Student Architecture Festival 2008


Greg Andrews, Steven Ascensao, Jessica Bell, Pavan Birdi, Hannah Davies, Lucy Dickson, Diana Elia, Will Fisher, Nick Green, Tom Greenfield, Charlotte Griffiths, Behnoud Najafi, Ben Northover, Mital Patel, James Simcock, James Smith, Cait Sweeney


Colin Priest, Carsten Jungfer, Jane Anderson.

With thanks to: Young & Webb Engineers, DLD Scaffolding, London Festival of Architecture team, CABE Space, EXYZT and the Saison Poetry Library