OB1 Live 10: Fabrications - Other Worlds

May 2012, 4 week project


Between October and December 2011, architecture and interior architecture students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture designed Story Telling Towers in response to The Story Museum's hope that one day they will be able to add a tower of their own to Oxford's dreaming spires. Following the success of that project, OB1 LIVE were invited by writers' group Dark Angels and The Story Museum to contribute to the Other Worlds Exhibition.

Working in collaboration with writer / architect Mike Halliwell, OB1 LIVE designed and built an installation in the form of a vista of towers, shadows and projections in The Story Museum's derelict and abandoned Post Office canteen kitchen. The towers spoke of possible and ever shifting futures representing the imaginative possibilities of new towers emerging from the empty building and forming a series alternative skyline silhouettes. Portions of Mike Halliwell's short story, May Day were applied to the dusty kitchen surfaces and described "an archive of memories stored in endless four-dimensional blocks".


Exhibition Review: Other Worlds at The Story Museum. Oxford City Guide, Friday, 11 May 2012
'Other Worlds' at The Story Museum in central Oxford. Guide 2 Oxford, 3 May 2012

Visitors' Comments

"I love how the abandoned space has been loved and made 'different' by the work. Really fantastic. We love it! Thank you. Stimulating, funny, intriguing. Very lucky to have strayed into your world tonight.xxx"

"Students' work shows real interest in breaking down stories and reworking them."

"The beginnings of a magical place ... This experience is a dream of what could be, of endless possibilities and imagination. Good luck!"


Nathaniel Reading, Nicholas Bailey, Charles SJ Anslow-Wilson, Kiera MC Hintze, Dika T Lim, Felicity Holmes, Jacob Sturdy, Alexandra Tagkali, Robert M Tavare, Vilde Vanberg, Emily Wright, Feng Yang, Thomas W Yudin, Frederick Mawhood, Thomas Moore, Jessica L Morley, Robert JD Nunn, Rebecca JP Outterside, James Palmer, Jessica L Paterson, Stephanie J Phelan, Isobel R Taylor, Laura Davis-Lamarre, Annika Francis, George LS Frost, Sofie Grieg, Joanna Ryterska, Rami Kanaan, Sunniva L Kvaleberg, Olivier Jauniaux, Valentine Lenoir, Fred Howarth, Sophie Hindley, Iris Senel, Tumem Khuram, Kilian RD Kleine, Henry Gibbon, Christine E Roman, Vita Rossi, Barnaby Row, Dougal Sadler, Jennie Schneider, Cameron J Shackley, Peter Sienkowski, Wellesley Sjafei, Rebecca Smale, Tatiana R Southey-Bassols, Dylan Baker, Adam Barlow, Maya Başdal, Callum F Boult, Jack Boyle, Jack Clay, Grace E Crannis, Benjamin Brook, Matthew Brow, Alexandra J Horsman


Mike Halliwell, Writer / Architect


Jane Anderson, Colin Priest

Commissioned by

Dark Angels / The Story Museum


The Story Museum
Dark Angels