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Journal of the MSc Primate Conservation

Canopy is an in-house publication with contributions from staff, students and visiting speakers about their research. The aim of Canopy is to provide the wider primatology and conservation community with a representation of current and past works undertaken by MSc students and acts as a medium for communication between past and present students, those working in primatology, and those with a general interest in the topics covered in these issues.

Current issue

Volume 24, Issue 1, Winter 2023

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This Canopy issue is a special issue focusing on and showcasing the different research areas of our MSc lectures. The specific topics covered are:

  • The importance of the habitat stability through the years for a western hoolock gibbon released
  • Eco-resorts as potential arcs for endangered species: A case study of slow lorises in Thailand
  • Changes in the behavioural ecology of collared brown lemurs in a regenerating forest fragment
  • Primate pet trade across and out of Asia: collection and analysis from the CITES Trade Database
  • Review of crop foraging by gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos
  • “Human shield”, habituation, and trail implementation- the complex world of field biology
  • The use of personality in improving the management and welfare of captive bonobos

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