• Changing your application
  • Changing your application

    Second thoughts about your course?

    It is not unusual for applicants to re-think their course choices. If you feel that the course you have been made an offer for is no longer the right one for you, please email or write to us and explain what you wish to do and why. The Admissions Officer will be happy to consider a request for a change of course if places are available on your chosen course and make a revised offer if at all possible.

    Note: Please contact us by the end of August if you want to change your course(s), as it is not always possible during your first semester.

    Change of personal details

    It is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal details, this should be sent by email or in writing to the Admissions Office.

    Change of address

    You will be getting a number of important documents over the coming months. It's very important that you keep the Admissions Office at Oxford Brookes University (and UCAS or UCAS Teacher Training) notified of any change of address or other contact details.

    Deferred entry

    We are happy to consider a request to defer your entry for most courses, if your circumstances or plans change during the year.

    How to defer your entry

    Send your written request either by email or in writing to the Admissions Office as soon as you have decided that you wish to defer your entry; do not wait until you receive your examination results. Include in your request to defer some background information on why you wish to defer and how you will be spending your gap year. Your request will be considered and the decision sent to you in writing.