Inclusive teaching

  • Inclusivity and internationalisation are two important agendas in learning and teaching in higher education. OCSLD has a long history of supporting internationalisation and a growing expertise in inclusivity and diversity.

    We host the Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation (CCI).

  • We can deliver bespoke workshops on the following topics to meet the needs of your staff:

    • Inclusive learning and teaching

    • Inclusive curriculum design

    • Teaching International Students

    • Global Citizenship

    We hosted a Higher Education Academy funded workshop on Global Citizenship in the Arts & Humanities.

    Course Design Intensives are a team-based approach to designing and redesigning courses pioneered by Oxford Brookes University. The process involves expanding design teams to include learning technologists, subject librarians, course administrators and other professionals as appropriate, and focuses on high level curriculum objectives , programme level design and peer review of designs.


    • Brighton University

    • University of Leicester

    For all online courses, you can book as an individual, a group of individuals or arrange a run of the course for tailored for staff at your institution.

    We welcome international visitors to Oxford and can arrange events from 1 to 3 days for groups, which include a range of guest speakers, workshops and social time in Oxford.