EXPLORE@Brookes provides knowledge and skill development to support HE teaching practice, teaching scholarship, leadership and research, knowledge exchange and innovation. 

It is the continuing professional development framework for anyone on an academic or research contract at Oxford Brookes. It comprises tailored study routes for those in their First Three Years with time to complete granted in the annual workload plan. For others, there is an on-going opportunity across the academic year to access the EXPLORE@Brookes open offer.

The intention of EXPLORE@Brookes is to support all academic and research staff with personalised, relevant and timely professional development that is career-wide and career-long.  

Further information

For further information, please contact explore@brookes.ac.uk for those seeking information on:

  • the First Three Years programme (accredited pathways and the non-accredited route)
  • online resources and sessions on Teaching practice, Teaching scholarship and Leadership development.

Line manager guidance is available on request from explore@brookes.ac.uk.

Visit the University Research & KE Training programme to register for mandatory and optional research and knowledge exchange sessions, which form part of EXPLORE@Brookes. Any questions, contact: Jennie Cripps.

Visit the Graduate College Supervisor Training programme for research degree supervisor training. Any questions, contact the Research Degrees Team.