Staff in their First Three Years

Staff joining Oxford Brookes are expected to complete the First Three Years EXPLORE programme. The First Three Years consists of three stages that provides an integrated and holistic approach to role-specific professional development; it incorporates the development of teaching practice, leadership, teaching scholarship or research, knowledge exchange and innovation. 

There are two routes available each consisting of three stages: 

Accredited route

The accredited route is for all staff with teaching responsibilities defined as part of their role. The route through Stages 1 and 2 leads to recognition from Advance HE as an Associate Fellow or Fellow (AFHEA or FHEA) depending on the pathway followed. The pathway, Teaching or Academic, and associated recognition award, is determined by your teaching responsibilities (hours and duties) as well as the duration of your contract. After successfully completing the accredited stage of EXPLORE, you join Stage 3 (non-accredited).

Associate Fellow 7-8 months AFHEA. Fellow Stage 1 (7-8 months), Stage 2 (7-8 months), FHEA

It comprises core sessions and resources to develop your teaching practice, including teaching observations and the submission of a compact portfolio of evidence of how your work meets the appropriate descriptor of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (UKPSF).

Non-accredited route

The non-accredited pathway is for staff who already arrive at Brookes with FHEA recognition. It does not have the expectations for developing teaching practice but still expects engagement with leadership development as well as research, knowledge exchange and innovation or scholarship (depending on role). There are three stages on the non-accredited pathway. 

How to find out more and book on

If you are in your first three years at Brookes, you will be contacted by a member of the Programme team and invited to join an online briefing session and asked to enrol on the First Three Years EXPLORE programme.

If you are interested in gaining your Associate Fellow or Fellow HEA recognition and have teaching responsibilities, please contact for further details. 

At any time of year, you can contact us to find out more.