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The Oxford CAED employs experienced developers with expertise in HE teaching and supporting learning, course design for online and face-to-face delivery, educational scholarship, research, and development.

Dr Jenny Lawrence

Dr Jenny Lawrence

Director of Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development

Dr Jenny Lawrence joined the University as the Director of the Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement (the Centre) and Development in May 2022.


Jenny comes to us from the University of Hull’s Teaching Excellence Academy. As an academic developer, Jenny has transformed the Higher Education (HE) institutions she has worked with to be more inclusive to staff and students from groups historically excluded from HE. She extends her transformative reach through active academic citizenship, serving a variety of HE providers and international organisations as a consultant and external examiner. Her research interests include educational leadership and the interrelationship of staff/student wellbeing.

Jenny’s commitment to, enthusiasm for and ability to lead the development of academically rigorous, inclusive HE was recognised in the award of PFHEA in 2016, National Teaching Fellowship in 2020 and Reader in Higher Education in 2021 (she is the first professional service staff at Hull to win such recognition) and the Teaching Excellence Academy’s Collaborative Award in Teaching Excellence in 2021, and Inspire Hull award for Teamwork in 2022. she is an Associate Fellow of the Staff and Educational Developers’ Association (SEDA), where she serves the Executive and Papers Committees and co-edits their Blog.

Jenny is delighted to join the expert team of academic developers and hopes to secure academic success through the new Centre’s refreshed offer.

The Centre’s vision is to inspire the HE community to be ambitious, agile and authentic leaders of transformational academic practice, our mission is to offer inclusive, collaborative and compassionate academic enhancement and development. 

Academic Outputs and Activity

Peer reviewed articles

  • Lawrence, J. Morrel, L and Scott, G. (in press) Competence-based model for developing Programme Directing. International Journal of Academic Development
  • Lawrence, J. and Herrick, T. (2020) Supporting wellbeing in HE through the scholarship of teaching and learning. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. Vol. 12 No. 5, pp. 871-881
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  • Lawrence, J. (2017a) Educator wellbeing and the scholarship of teaching and learning: a virtuous intersection for the learning community. Educational Developments, 18.3.
  • Lawrence, J. Louise- (2014) Feminist pedagogy in action: reflections from the front line of feminist activism-the feminist classroom. Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences, 6, 29-41.


  • Huxley-Binns, R. Lawrence, J and Scott, G. (forthcoming) Competence-based HE: Future Proofing Curricula in Blessinger, P and Sengupta, E (forthcoming) Integrative Curricula – A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Pedagogy. UK: Emerald Group Publishing
  • Lawrence, J. (2022) Recognition, reward and progression: the intersection of class, gender and disability in HE career progression in Nutt, D. and Mackintosh, E. (2022) Studies in the Third Space: The Impact of the Integrated Practitioner in Higher Education. UK: Routledge.
  • Lawrence, J. Moron-Garcia S. and Senior, R. (2022) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders in HE: positioning programme leadership as central to HE success in Lawrence, J. Moron Garcia, S. and Senior, R. (in press) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders. UK: Routledge
  • Scott, G. and Lawrence, J. (2022) Harnessing the potential of formal networks and informal communities to support the holistic development of programme leaders in Lawrence, J. Moron Garcia, S. and Senior, R. (2022) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders. UK: Routledge
  • Lawrence, J. Wales, H. Hunt, L. and Synmioe, D.  (2020) Rapport and Relationships: The Students Perspective on Teaching excellence. French, A. Thomas, K. (2020) Challenging the Teaching Excellence Framework: Diversity Deficits in Higher Education Evaluations. UK: Emerald Insights. pp. 129-150.
  • Lea, J. Hall, G. and Lawrence, J. (2020) Leading a step-change in scholarly cultures in College-based Higher Education. Potter, J. and Devecchi, C. (2020) Leading Educational Change in HE: A transformative approach for leaders and practitioners. London: Routledge.
  • Lea, J. Lobb, R. Cattaneo, J. and Lawrence, J. (2020) Scholarship as student engagement in college HE.  Lowe, T and El Hakim, Y (2020) A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher education: theory into practice. London: Routledge
  • Senior, R. Moron-Garcia S. and Lawrence, J. (in press) Celebrating Programme Leadership: A Manifesto for Sustainable Programme Leadership in Lawrence, J. Moron Garcia, S. and Senior, R. (in press) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders. UK: Routledge

Edited Collections

  • Lawrence, J. Moron-Garcia,. S and Senior, R. (2022) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders UK: Routledge.
  • Lawrence, J. and Ellis, S. (2018) Supporting Programme Leaders and Programme Leadership. London: Staff and Educational Development Association. 
  • Lawrence, J. Louise- (2004) Innovations in teaching: situations, dilemmas, decisions. University of Hull: Educational Development Team.

Commissioned academic and educational development resources

Blog posts (select)

Relevant Keynotes/Presentations/Conference papers/Tweetchats

  • Lawrence, J (forthcoming) Positioning Programme leadership as central to success in HE. EHON, Educational Giants Webinar Series, Holland, Online, February 10 2022
  • Lawrence, J (2021d) Keynote: SoTL and Social Justice: Radical Compassion and educational development for Transgression. SEDA International Winter Conference, Online, December 3rd 2021 (invited)
  • Lawrence, J. and Scott, G. (forthcoming) Competence-based programme leadership. Advance HE web-caste series. (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. Senior, R. and Moron-Garcia, S. (2021) Programme leadership as central to success in HE: A Manifesto for Sustainable Programme Leadership. Heads of Educational Development Group. November 2021 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. Senior, R. and Moron-Garcia, S. (2021) Celebrating Programme Leadership: Practical Wisdom. Staff and Educational Development Association Webinar Series 2021. April 2021 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. (2021a) Thriving in the winds of change: Programme Leading across the Globe. QAA Enhancement Theme: Resilient Programme Leaders. January 28th 2021 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J (2020) Keynote: Advancing Inclusive Education. Inclusive Education Symposia, Teaching Excellence Academy, University of Hull. January 16th 2021 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. and Nabb, S. (2020) Inclusive Assessment, Marking and Feedback: Making Inclusion Happen. Great Debates Seminar Series, University of Hull. October 2020
  • Lawrence J. (2020f) Meaning and Motivation in a time of change: Towards a competence-based model of programme directorship/leadership. University of East London, Teaching and Learning Symposium. September 17th 2020 (Invited)
  • Stones, B. and Lawrence, J. (2020) Key note: Relationships, communities, fractures, divisions: Navigating the barriers to partnership working. Teaching Excellence Academy Conference: Celebrating Learning Community: The Transformative Power of Partnership Working. July 2020
  • Lawrence, J. Scott, G. Harris, J. Morrell, L (2020) Transformative leadership brokered through change management: Building a model for Competence-based Programme Design. Teaching Excellence Academy Conference: Celebrating Learning Community: The Transformative Power of Partnership Working. July 2020
  • Lawrence, J. and Eyden, A. (2020) Compassionate leadership: Supporting team wellbeing in a time of crisis. HEDGing our Bets, Heads of Educational Development Group. June 2020
  • Lawrence, J. and Gordon, C. (2020) Heads of Educational Development Strategic Planning Development Activity (Content) in the Context of C19. HEDGing our Bets, Heads of Educational Development Group. May 2020
  • Gordon, C. and Lawrence, J. (2020) Educational Developers Strategic Planning Development (models of delivery) in the Context of C19. HEDGing our Bets, Heads of Educational Development Group. May 2020
  • Lawrence, J. (2020d) Supporting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with College Partners: a validating institutions perspective. Association of Colleges CHE Scholarship Conference. 18th May 2020 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. and Carter, J. (2020) Unconscious Bias and Teacher Evaluation: starting a conversation. Great Debates in HE University of Hull seminar series. University of Hull. 19th February 2020
  • Lawrence, J. (2018c) Scholarship of Teaching and Learning-led professional development, the student experience, and HE teacher wellbeing and empowerment. SEDA Autumn Conference 2018: Supporting staff to meet increasing challenges in further and higher education. Birmingham. November 2018
  • Lawrence, J. (2018d) The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: a virtuous intersection for the learning community. York St John University Conference: Releasing potential: Higher Education sector’s contribution to adult and young people’s mental health. York St John University. July 4th 2018
  • Lawrence, J. Ellis, S. Moore, S. Senior, R. Whitfield, R. (2018) Supporting Programme Leaders and Programme Leadership. SEDA workshop series. Hull September 11th 2018, Birmingham, April 4th 2019
  • Lawrence, J. Ellis, S. Senior, R. and Moore, S. (2018) Supporting Programme Leaders and Programme Leadership. @LTHEchat  September 2018
  • Lawrence, J. and Herrick, T (2018) 5 ways to wellbeing in HE. @LTHEchat January 2017
  • Lawrence, J. Simpson, K. Flannagan, A. (2018) Building scholarly cultures in partnership: College HE Scholarship Intern Programme. Association of Colleges/HEFCE HE Scholarship Conference. April 21st 2018
  • Hall, G. and Lawrence, J. (2018) Understanding the provision and perceived value of the academic and professional development practices of HE teachers in College Higher Education. Association of Colleges/HEFCE HE Scholarship Conference. April 21st 2018 (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. (2017g) Scholarly Interns in CHE: Impact or Value? London. Association of Colleges Scholarship Project Networking Event. May 15th 2017  (Invited)
  • Lawrence, J. Clifford, A. and Penfold, A. (2017) The question of research ethics in CBHE: Issues and resolutions. Birmingham. Association of Colleges. HE Scholarship Conference. June 27th 2017
  • Lawrence, J. Simpson K. Flannagan, A. (2017) Building scholarly cultures in partnership: College HE Scholarship Intern Programme. University of Hull Partner Conference, University of Hull. May 2017
  • Lawrence, J. (2016b) Research ethics and college based HE: The role of validating partners. London. Association of Colleges. November 31st 2016 (Invited)

Nicola Beer

Principal Lecturer, Head of Digital Inclusive Curriculum Enhancement

Nicola Beer joined Brookes in January 2022 as Principal Lecturer, Head of Digital Inclusive Curriculum Enhancement.


Her background in Higher Education includes librarianship, learning design, intercultural engagement, and inclusive curriculum, with a focus on online and digital learning experiences. She is particularly interested in Sense of Belonging at university and how education shapes individuals’ perceptions of their own identity.

She is currently completing her PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University and conducting research in the UK, Japan and Scandinavia on the impact of Virtual Exchange experiences outside formal education through a Churchill Fellowship. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology.

Beyond Brookes, Nicola champions inclusion through volunteer roles as a school governor and as trustee of Warwickshire Pride. Outside of work she is a voracious reader and living proof that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet, being a regular Standup Paddle Boarder, Cross-fitter and indoor rower, but also a fan of delicious food.

Nicola Beer
Dr Pollyanna Magne

Dr Pollyanna Magne

Principal Lecturer, Head of Academic Practice

Polly joined Oxford Brookes in February 2022 as Principal Lecturer, Head of Academic Practice within the Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development.


In her early career in secondary education in South Wales, where coal mines and the steel industry were in decline, Polly saw the impacts of socio-economic deprivation, and the ways in which inspirational teaching and mentoring could re-ignite ambition, motivation and achievement. This led to her career in Higher Education, and more specifically, Academic Enhancement underpinned by a passion for transformative teaching, learning and assessment practices which enable learners to thrive.

As a Learning Development Advisor in the early 2000s Polly taught all levels of higher education from foundation to postgraduate study across a range of disciplines. Subsequently as an Associate Professor she has led master’s level programmes in Academic Practice, Clinical Education, and Global Health. She also led an Academic Practice Apprenticeship and has acted as an external consultant for other institutions considering this option. She is an independent assessor for Advance HE.

Polly’s research and publications have informed her leadership of several institutional level projects including: widening participation, internationalisation, inclusive practice, and digital learning initiatives. She has trained and mentored academics from UK institutions and international partners across the globe via accredited programmes, short courses, international summer schools and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring.

In 2021 Polly was made a National Teaching Fellow in recognition of: a sustained track record in the design and delivery of transformative learning experiences; her leadership and development of institutional policy; and national initiatives such as the APA Leaders forum. Beyond Brookes Polly is an education consultant, keynote speaker, external examiner, independent assessor, and Senior Fellow of Advance HE.

When she is not at work you may find her running about in a pair of muddy trainers, baking cakes, eating cake, singing (apologies to the neighbours) or in hiding with a good book!

Dr Mary Kitchener

Educational Development Consultant
+44 1865 485098

Mary Kitchener (@lecturerkitch) is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Development within the Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development.


In her earlier career, Mary used to work as programme leader for the Professional/Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory), as well as a learning coach, in one of our partnership colleges.  Moving into teaching in Higher Education in 2016 was the catalyst for her doctoral thesis on professional academics and gained her EdD in 2021.

Currently, she is the Interim programme director for the EXPLORE@Brookes programme. She is the current link educational developer for the faculty of Technology, Design and the Environment.

Mary’s research and publications include a handbook for creating a gender-sensitive curriculum, professional academics, and British Values. Her external work involves being an independent assessor for Advance HE, CATE reviewer, as well as an external examiner at the University of Suffolk for their UKPSF provision.

When not at work, Mary is often seen in wellies keeping a Springer Spaniel entertained whether running or walking. She loves to grow vegetables and eat the ones the slugs have left.

Dr Mary Kitchener
Dr Elizabeth Lovegrove

Dr Elizabeth Lovegrove

Senior Lecturer, Educational Development
tel:+44 1865 485889
Wheatley Campus

Liz works part-time in OCSLD as an Educational Developer and as the OCSLD Ethics Officer. She coordinates the Brookes Teaching Innovation Project and Brookes Teaching Excellence Fellowship schemes, teaches on the EXPLORE@Brookes programme, and has particular interest in supporting colleagues in developing projects which investigate and evaluate their own teaching practices.


In the other half of her professional life, Liz has a PhD on twentieth century girls' magazines, and teaches undergraduates and postgraduates in the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, part of the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment at Oxford Brookes.

Liz’s background includes design, linguistics, marketing, publishing, web development and women’s studies. She worked in OCSLD as a learning technologist for a number of years before moving into her current role.

Membership of professional bodies

Journal articles

  • Lovegrove, E (2018). ‘Interactions in the text: becoming a woman in 1970s teen magazines’ Logos: Journal of the World Publishing Community, 29(2–3), pp. 37–45.
  • Lovegrove, E, Currant, N and Kitchener, M (2018). ‘Once Upon a Time: Designing a narrative-inspired curriculum for a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education’, SEDA Educational Developments, 19(1), pp.8–12.
  • Lovegrove, E. (2015) 'Magazines for Teenagers' in Montgomery H (ed) Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Lovegrove, E. (2014) ‘How to run an international conference without leaving your desk: online in Adobe Connect’ in the Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching, Vol 6 no 2. Available at
  • Waite, M, Mackness, J, Roberts, G and Lovegrove, E (2013), ‘Liminal Participants and Skilled Orienteers: Learner Participation in a MOOC for New Lecturers’, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Vol 9, No 2, pp200-21
  • Mackness, J, Waite, M, Roberts, G and Lovegrove, E (2013) ‘Learning in a Small, Task–Oriented, Connectivist MOOC: Pedagogical Issues and Implications for Higher Education’, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, Vol 14, No
  • Lovegrove, E (2013) ‘“Dangerous display”: Charlotte Yonge, Christabel Coleridge, and pseudonyms in the Monthly Packet ', Women's History Magazine, pp12-18. Summer 2013

Dr Sue Morón-García

Principal Lecturer, Student Experience

Sue Morón-García joined in October 2020. Sue has over thirty years of work experience in teaching and the support of learning. Since she completed her PhD in Educational Technology (2005) she has worked as a researcher and an educational developer at a variety of UK universities. Before this she was a local government administrator and taught languages in adult and secondary education. 

Background, experience and interests

Before deciding to adjust her work-life balance Sue served as a head of department and head of centre at another post-1992 university. She has designed postgraduate programmes in higher education learning and teaching and fellowship recognition schemes, as well as working alongside disciplinary academics to review their own programmes. She has external examination experience at two different types of university: teaching focused and a specialist art institution and has been through several rounds of accreditation with professional bodies like the Higher Education Academy and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Sue has a long standing interest in the use of technology enhanced learning, the subject of her PhD is Educational Technology. She created and taught Masters level modules on e-learning. Other interests include the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and developing writing skills, her own and others’. She ran regular workshops on writing about teaching and learning at two previous institutions and was part of the first ISSoTL international writing group (see Simmons et al, 2013 and Kensinton-Miller et al 2019). Other workshops included supervising Masters students and the doctorate and Sue has supervised both Master and Phd students to completion. In 2019 she was invited to run an introductory workshop, in Spanish, on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at EuroSoTL in Bilbao.

Research work, due to the nature of her roles, has tended to be in evaluation: she led the evaluation strands of research projects, on Teaching Repository Use in the West Midlands, Lecture Capture and Valuing Teaching at different universities. She was instrumental in setting up and running pedagogic research networks that supported capacity building during the HEFCE funded Centres for Excellence programme (2005-10) when working at the engineering-focused CETL and co-created a toolkit and workshop for STEM academics starting out in pedagogic research.

Sue is currently working on two projects focused on the role of programme or course leaders in higher education. The first is looking at a possible development framework and the second (an edited book) will showcase some of the work and thinking that currently exists in the sector, both here and abroad (see Lawrence et al 2021).

Membership of professional bodies

Sue is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association. She holds a PhD in Educational Technology.

Outside interests

Sue loves walking, swimming and film, especially international film that allows her to experience new worlds and perspectives. She also loves folk music and is thoroughly enjoying the virtual concerts and festivals that the pandemic has brought about. She is an avid reader tackling the Women’s Prize longlist most years in order to find new authors and broaden her range of reading. She continues to develop her creative writing skills outside of her part-time role with OCAED.

Publications, workshops and awards

  • Lawrence, J., Morón-García, S., Senior, R. (Eds) (due 2021) Supporting Course and Programme Leaders in Higher Education: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders. London: Routledge
  • Kensington-Miller, B., Oliver, C., Morón-García, S., Manarin, K., Abrahamson, E., Simmons, N., & Deshler, J. (2019). An International Writing Group: Perspectives on Building Partnerships and Developing Community. In N. Simmons (Ed.), Critical Collaborative Communities.  Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.
  • Kensington-Miller, B., Renc-Roe, J., & Morón-García, S. (2015). The chameleon on a tartan rug: adaptations of three academic developers’ professional identities. International Journal for Academic Development, 20(3), 279-290.
  • McLinden, M., Edwards, C., Garfield, J., & Morón-García, S. (2015). Strengthening the Links Between Research and Teaching: Cultivating Student Expectations of Research-informed Teaching Approaches. Education in Practice, 2(1), 24-29. From
  • Moron-Garcia, S. (2013). Investigating the impact of networks in academic life. In F. Deepwell & C. Buckley (Eds.), SEDA @ 20 small grants retrospective. London: SEDA.
  • Simmons, N., Abrahamson, E., Deshler, J. M., Kensington-Miller, B., Manarin, K., Morón-García, S., et al. (2013). Conflicts and Configurations in a Liminal Space: SoTL Scholars' Identity Development. Teaching & Learning Inquiry: The ISSOTL Journal, 1(2), 9-21.
  • Morón-García, S. (2010). CETL “networks”: A personal reflection. Educational Developments, 11.1, 12-15.
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  • Morón-García, S., & Willis, L. (2009). Pedagogic Research Tool Kit. Retrieved 19th October, 2018, from
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  • Morón-García, S., & Lamb, F. (2007). The engCETL change journey: encouraging engagement with pedagogic research. Educational Developments, 8.1, 23-24.
  • Morón-García, S. (2007). Promulgating Pedagogy: Convincing Colleagues. Paper presented at and published in the proceedings of the iPED Conference 2007: Researching Academic Futures, 10-11 September 2007.
  • Morón-García, S. (2006). Rights and Rewards: Attitudes towards the use of digital repositories for teaching and learning materials. Loughborough: HEA Engineering Subject Centre.
  • Morón-García, S. (2006). What lecturers say helps and hinders their use of a virtual learning environment to support face-to-face teaching. In J. O'Donoghue (Ed.), Technology supported learning and teaching: A staff perspective: Idea Group, Inc.
  • Morón-García, S. (2005). Investigating repository use in the West Midlands. ALISS Quarterly, 1(1), 32-35.
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Invited workshops, grants and awards won:

  • Invited workshop at EuroSoTL 2019: “What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?” / “Qué es SoTL?”
  • HEDG Research Grant 2018: Towards a Professional Development Framework for leaders of degree programmes
  • International Consortium for Educational Development / International Journal for Academic Development, Article of the Year 2015 Award for Kensington-Miller, B., Renc-Roe, J., & Morón-García, S. (2015)
  • 2014 Co-creation and facilitation of two workshops for the HEA engineering and materials lead on teaching for postgraduate students (January and May).
  • Winner of a place on the first ISSoTL International Collaborative writing group 2010 (output - Simmons et al 2013, followed by Kensington-Miller et al, 2015)
  • 2013 Invited contribution at the PGCerts SEDA@20 day workshop: PGCerts  across the disciplines
  • SEDA Research & Development Grant March 2008: The role of CETL networks in capacity building and dissemination throughout UK higher education (Morón-García, 2013 & 2010).
  • Higher Education Academy Mini Project Award – Pedagogic Research toolkit for engineering academics – September 2007 (Morón-García & Willis, 2009)
  • CETL network support grant from the Higher Education Academy for the work of the East Midlands CETLs Pedagogic Research and Evaluation Network – January 2007.
Dr Sue Morón-García
Ben Walker

Ben W. Walker

Senior Lecturer, Educational Development

Ben is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Development within the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development and joined Oxford Brookes University in November 2021. In this role he teaches on the EXPLORE programme (supporting colleagues to gain fellowship of the Higher Education Academy), delivers staff development, contributes to the university’s oversight of Academic Advising and undertakes educational research projects.


Previously holding positions at the University of Lincoln, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Derby, he has been programme leader of the Academic Professional Apprenticeship / Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education and has supported a wide range of trainee teachers and existing practitioners.

Within college-based higher education, he was course leader of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Post-compulsory) programme in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. Going further back, he was Head of English and a full-time teacher of English for several years.

Ben has co-authored practitioner texts and journal articles on personal tutoring and academic advising, designed and delivered various staff development activities and been an invited keynote speaker at national and international conferences. He is the editor of Teaching Insights, Oxford Brookes University’s teaching and learning publication. He is a reviewer of manuscripts for Frontiers in Education and the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, both international peer-reviewed journals. He is the Co-Chair of the Oxford Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference and a Conference Scientific Committee Member for the European Conference of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (EuroSOTL). His doctoral research focuses on academic and pastoral support of students informed by critical pedagogy.

He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) and was Vice-Chair of the UK Advising and Tutoring association (UKAT) for whom he was the creator of their national webinar series Tutoring Matters. He also happens to be a drummer in a Sheffield indie band.

Ben is passionate about the impact the support side of a lecturer's role, including personal tutoring and coaching, can have on students individually, as well as institutions more broadly, and he is committed to developing this field further.


  • Lochtie, D., Stork, A. and Walker B.W. (2022) (Eds) The Higher Education Personal Tutor’s and Advisor’s Companion: Translating Theory Into Practice to Improve Student Success. St Albans: Critical Publishing.
  • Walker, B.W. (2020) Professional standards and recognition for UK personal tutoring and advising. Frontiers in Education.
  • Walker, B.W. (2020) Tackling the personal tutoring conundrum: A qualitative study on the impact of developmental support for tutors. Active Learning in Higher Education.
  • Lochtie, D., McIntosh, E., Stork, A. and Walker B.W. (2018) Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education. Foreword by Professor Liz Thomas.  St Albans: Critical Publishing.    
  • Walker, B.W. (2018) A Defining Moment in Personal Tutoring: Reflections on Personal Tutoring Definitions and Their Implications. IMPact: The University of Lincoln Journal of Higher Education, 1(1): 104-118.
  • Stork, A. and Walker, B. (2015) Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor: Supporting Learners Through Personal Tutoring and Coaching. St Albans: Critical Publishing.
  • Stork, A. and Walker, B. (2015) Measure learner performance on a scale of 1 to 10.  Intuition - The Journal for Professional Teachers and Trainers in the Further Education and Skills Sector. Issue 22: 20-21.

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Transformational Personal Tutoring. Personal Tutor Forum, St Mary’s University, London (October 2022).
  • Enhancing Academic Advising: Contemporary Stories of Impact and Influence. Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Middlesex University (September 2022). 
  • Personal Tutoring in the 21st Century: What it was, what it is and what it could be. Personal Tutoring Colloquium, University of Portsmouth (June 2022).
  • Providing Effective Student Support in the Pre and Post Covid Environment (keynote presentation). SKVC (Centre for Quality Assurance) International Conference, Lithuania (December 2020).
  • More Important Than Ever and Yet Impossible to Deliver? Tackling the Advising and Tutoring Conundrum. December 2020. Regional Universities Network, Australia (December 2020).
  • More Important Than Ever and Yet Impossible to Deliver? Tackling the Advising and Tutoring Conundrumwith Placement Students (keynote presentation). ASET, The Work-Based and Placement Learning Association Annual Conference, University of Hertfordshire (September 2019).
  • The Future of Student Success (discussion panel). Salesforce Conference HE Trailblazer panel, London (April 2019).
  • Personal Tutoring - Boundaries in Student Support and Success. International Perspectives in Education (IPIE), University of Derby (June 2019).
  • Beginning with Hope: Widening Undergraduate Participation, Belonging and Relationship Building. BERA (British Educational Research Association) Annual Conference, University of Northumbria (September 2018).
  • “How can I be an Effective Personal Tutor and What is Out There to Help Me Do This?” Enhancing the Role of the Personal Tutor at the University of Lincoln. NACADA (The Global Community for Academic Advising) International Conference, University College Dublin (July 2018).

Dr Adrian J. Wallbank

Lecturer, Educational Development

Adrian joined Brookes in October 2021 as a Lecturer in Educational Development.  


Adrian previously established, directed and led the Integrated Foundation Year and Academic Writing and Communication programmes at Royal Holloway and has taught across a spectrum of both staff and student-facing programmes since 2008 in areas as diverse as eighteenth-century poetry and philosophy, Romanticism, academic writing and literacies and educational development. 

Adrian has particular research and teaching interests in academic writing, dyslexia and inclusion, writing in the disciplines / writing across the curriculum pedagogies, neurodiversity, transition pedagogies and Universal Design for Learning, one-to-one pedagogies, the philosophy of Higher Education and didacticism / persuasion. As a successful, dyslexic academic, Adrian is passionate about inclusion and works tirelessly to help enable both students and staff to achieve their full academic and professional potential. Adrian is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Associate Fellow of the Dyslexia Guild.

When not writing, Adrian helps restore, fire and drive steam locomotives.


  • Journal Article: ‘Literary Experimentation in Rowland Hill’s Village Dialogues (1801): Transcending “Critical Attitudes” in the Face of Societal Ruination’, Nineteenth-Century Literature, 66:1 (June 2011), 1-36.
  • Monograph: Dialogue, Didacticism and the Genres of Dispute: Literary Dialogues in an Age of Revolution (London: Pickering & Chatto, March 2012).
  • Book Chapter: ‘Coleridge’s “Deep Romantic Chasm: Kubla Khan, The Valley of Rocks and the Geomorphological Imagination’, in Romantic Sustainability: Endurance and the Natural World, 1780-1830, ed. Ben P. Robertson (Lexington Books, 2015), pp.3-20.
  • Article: ‘Keats on Women: Whores, Madonnas and the Male Gaze’, The English Review, 22:3 (February 2012), 30-2.
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  • Student Textbook: Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University (London: Routledge, Feb 2018).
  • Book Chapter: ‘Writing Support and Student Identity – Can we Help Learners Write in an Age of Massification and Consumerism?’ in Student Support Services: Exploring Impact on Student Engagement, Experience and Learning, edited by Fernando F. Padró, Megan Kek & Henk Huijser (December, 2021).

Forthcoming publications

  • Student Textbook: Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University, Second Edition (London: Routledge, 2022).
  • Journal Article: ‘The Politics of Integration: The Opportunities, Challenges and Successes of Embedding Academic Skills and Literacies Development into an Interdisciplinary, ‘Integrated’ Foundation Year Programme’, Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, (2022)

Current projects

I am currently working on research and projects leading to monographs entitled Teaching Academic Literacies to Neurodiverse Students: Theory and Practice and Foundation Year Pedagogy in Higher Education: Practice, Policy and Inclusion.

Dr Adrian Wallbank
Dr Louise Rickard

Dr Louise Rickard

Lecturer, Educational Development  

I work as a lecturer in Educational Development and teach on the Explore programme at Oxford Brookes Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development.  


Originally a theoretical evolutionary ecologist by training, most of my work and teaching has been in STEM and specifically Environmental policy and Sustainability for Business. In my professional career outside academia I always worked at the edge of what was possible in technology and have taken a bridging role, shaping and leading projects by ensuring communication between the technical programmers and the academics/politicians/ scientists/ economists and lay public. I have worked especially on indicators and integrated assessment for decision making.

I bring that bridging role also to education settings - linking what is possible technically to what is needed pedagogically and practically- and where there are gaps attempting to find solutions for them.

I am a polyglot - born abroad as a trilingual third country kid. I spent much of my working life working for the EU (mother tongue plus two) working languages - so I am passionate in every way about inclusion and am acutely aware of the specific struggles that international staff and students face, as well as the issues faced by women in STEM.

I trained formally in teaching (PGCE and MEd (Cambs), FHEA (Brookes) and SFHEA (Imperial)) and have worked in different HE institutions in the UK and abroad (including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial); in mainstream schools, and in outdoor education centres.

I specialize in dialogic and experiential teaching, digital technology, STEM, coaching and facilitation.

I am excited to be working in HE, in Brookes and in OCAED today, and recognize this time as being pivotal in shaping HE going forward.


  • 2022 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal for services to Lowland Rescue
  • 2021 Imperial College Special Award for substantial and exceptional achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2019 Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority
  • 2019 Queen’s Award for Lowland Rescue
  • 2017 Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority

Main publications


Jon Hall & Louise Rickard, 2013, People, Progress and Participation: How Initiatives Measuring Social Progress Yield Benefits Beyond Better Metrics. Global Choices 1. Bertelsmann Foundation, Guterslöh. 85pp.

Timpe, Christof & Bürger, Veit & Boardman, Brenda & Rickard, Louise & Ürge-Vorsatz, Diana & Ritter, Herbert & Lipp, Judith & Green, John & Johnson, Francis. (2002). Electricity Disclosure in Europe.

Book Chapters

Stanners, D., Bosch, P., Dom, A., Gabrielsen, P., Gee, D., Martin J., Rickard, L., Weber, J-L. (2007) Frameworks for environmental assessment and indicators at the EEA. In: Sustainability Indicators, a scientific assessment, (Eds. Hak, T., Moldan, B., Dahl, A)., SCOPE (Scientific Committee on the Problems of the Environment) nr. 67, Island Press, Washington. 127-146.

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Stanners, D., Dom, A., Gee, D., Martin J., Ribeiro, T., Rickard, L., Weber, J-L. (2007) Frameworks for policy integration indicators, for sustainable development, and for evaluating complex scientific evidence. In: Sustainability indicators, a scientific assessment, (Eds. Hak, T., Moldan, B., Dahl, A., SCOPE (Scientific Committee on the Problems of the Environment) nr. 67, Island press, Washington. 145-162.

Selected Industrial, Governmental and Supra-Governmental Reports*

European Environment Agency Annual Indicator Reports “Signals” 2000-2008

European Environment Agency State of the European Environment Reports 2000 and 2005

Timpe, Christof & Boardman, Brenda & Rickard, Louise & Lipp, Judith & Green, John & Radigues, Barbara & Gerger Swartling, Asa. (2022). Electricity Disclosure in Europe A policy paper prepared as part of the ALTENER project "Consumer Choice and Carbon Consciousness for Electricity (4C Electricity).

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Andrews, K., Bennet, M., Rickard, L. and Jones, P (1999) The use of green accounting in industry. UK Government. Office of Gas and Electricity Markets.

Milne, I., Gunby, A., Hunt, D., Rickard, L. and Ellis, J. (1999). Emission coefficients for pollutants discharged to sewer .UK Government Office of National Statistics.

Gowers, A. Horth, H., Rickard, L. and Andrews, K.A. (1998). Monograph on Water Resources and Health. WHO Monograph series.

* 1 Prior to 2008 UK Water Industry Research Ltd. published reports under the company name and not under the names of the contributing authors. The European Environment Agency did the same for their quinquennial reports on the state of the European Environment until 2010.  

Sam Folley

Digital Learning Developer

I graduated from the University of Huddersfield studying Primary Education, I then did a masters in Technology Enhanced Learning. I am interested in content development focusing on engaging and interactive educational design.

I am also a keen Ultimate Frisbee player. I travel the country and often Europe playing in competitions with the team I captain.

Sam Folley
Kat Kwok

Kat Kwok

Educational Researcher
+44 1865 485880

Kat joined in January 2019 as an educational researcher - her background is in theoretical and applied linguistics. In recent research, Kat explored the sociocultural and pedagogical benefits of an inclusive method of language instruction. Her current research projects are aimed at supporting HE teaching and learning practices for a diverse student population. In her spare time, Kat enjoys photography, miniature clay modelling, and short walks on the beach.

Élise Tanner

Student-Staff Partnership Officer

Élise joined Brookes in March 2022 as Student-Staff Partnership Officer within the OCAED. She joins the team having worked in various start-ups, managing their partnerships with academic institutions. Prior to this, Élise was in healthcare research focused on enabling healthcare providers to make service improvements. 

A keen linguist, Élise holds a degree in Arabic and speaks fluent French. She loves to travel, although in recent years her focus has been on exploring Oxfordshire's countryside with her family and dog.

Elise Tanner
Professor Jackie Potter

Professor Jackie Potter, Visiting Professor

Jackie Potter led the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) between 2018 - 2022. She continues to work with OCAED staff on a small number of research projects and with colleagues in the School of Education co-supervising PhD and Ed.D students.

Beyond Brookes, Jackie is Dean of Academic Innovation at the University of Chester, UK, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Senior Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association. She is Chair of the UK’s Heads of Educational Development Group.