Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development (OCAED)

The OCAED vision is to inspire transformational academic practice. 

The OCAED mission is to offer inclusive, collaborative and compassionate academic enhancement and development. 

OCAED’s support, activities and resources are available to anyone teaching and supporting learning for, or on, a Brookes’ programme of study on campus or at an Associate College Partner institution. Our offer is relevant to our entire Education portfolio, including (but not limited to) undergraduate and postgraduate study, short courses and degree apprenticeships. We also offer a flourishing consultancy services to the wider sector.

Our holistic academic development framework enables transformational academic practice and supports the Oxford Brookes Strategy 2035.

Transformational academic practice is an inclusive, accessible and collaborative approach to teaching, research and knowledge exchange. Inherently progressive, transformational academic practice aims to enable the next generation of graduate citizens to meet the social, economic and ecological challenges facing our immediate and global communities.

We exemplify best inclusive practice in all we do and are working to ensure our offer is relevant to our diverse learning community, for example we consult the OCAED Coalition, a collection of colleagues from across the institution working in a variety of disciplines, professional services with different backgrounds and characteristics. 

We collaborate with staff, students and stakeholders in understanding and responding to their specific academic development needs. For example, OCAED Faculty Partners work closely with Associate Deans Education and Student Experience, Programme Leaders and practicing HE teachers. 

We care about our learning community, recognise the challenges we face, and question the status quo to act with the community to make positive change. To care, to question, to act to make positive change is the definition of compassion – and can be written into academic development (Lawrence and Herrick, 2020) teaching practice (Gilbert, 2019) and organisational structures (Buitendijk, 2019).


Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development

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Centre vision and mission

Centre Vision: Inspire transformational academic practice.

Centre Mission: Offer inclusive, collaborative and compassionate academic enhancement and development.

1. Education and Enterprise

Transformative enhancement and development: Globally relevant, purposeful and personalized. Horizon scanning.

2. Research and Innovation

SoTL-based and -led enhancement; Academic excellence in collaboration locally, nationally, internationally and in Explore@Brookes and IDEAS Grant funding.

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3. People and Culture

Client focused. Continuous development supporting diversity and inclusion in a trust based culture. 

4. Partnerships and Place

Modern, forward thinking and connected enhancement and development. Digital first, student partnership.