Academic Advising at Oxford Brookes

Guidance, development and resources from the Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development (OCAED)

Academic Advising is a key activity in the Education and Enterprise Pillar of Oxford Brookes University Strategy 2035, in particular “to offer each student … support in the form of personal/professional development coaching” (p.17) and “We will ensure the personalisation of the student learning experience” (p.26). 

The Conditions of Registration (2022) set out by the Office for Students (OfS) states that providers must take all reasonable steps to ensure that all students have access to resources and support to ensure a high quality academic experience, and enable them to succeed in and beyond Higher Education. 

A new Academic Advising strategy and policy is to be implemented from September 2023 and the guidance on these web pages reflects these (a direct link to the policy will follow).

The vision for advising at Oxford Brookes is to achieve a high-quality and inclusive academic support system which engages all students to (pro) actively participate in their own self-development so they have every opportunity to benefit from HE.

Use the following guidance and resources to: 

  • clarify the Adviser’s role and responsibilities;
  • identify the key activities of Advising practice including tracking and monitoring student engagement; referral, one to one tutorials;
  • develop your coaching skills;
  • set boundaries and expectations. 

Sectoral guidance and resources on tutoring and advising are also included. The overall aim is to support you, as an Academic Adviser, to support your students within the context of Brookes’ Academic Guidance Statement which can be found at the top of the Academic policies A-Z list.

Further information, support and development is provided through the EXPLORE sessions on Academic Advising.

If you would like to discuss any of this information and guidance further or make any suggestions about updates, please contact Ben Walker at