Sectoral guidance and support

Sector guidance and resources for Academic Advising

The UK Advising and Tutoring association (UKAT) is the sectoral voice and leading association for personal tutors and academic advisors. 

  • Brookes has recently joined as an institutional member (November 2023)
  • Visit the UKAT home page for events designed to help personal tutors/academic advisors
  • UKAT has several resources to support delivery of personal tutoring.
  • These include free resources on personal tutoring including:
    • a site of collated resources to support personal tutoring;
    • webinar recordings and presentation slides – from practitioners in universities around the UK and beyond. 

Oxford Brookes institutional membership of UKAT is currently being considered.

Ben Walker was recently one of the leaders of this organisation and is happy to be contacted for any further information or support you may require -