Inspirational teaching

At Oxford Brookes University our overarching aim is to deliver an outstanding educational experience which enables each of our graduates to be skilled, confident and successful. An intrinsic part of this is the quality of teaching that they receive.

Our lecturers are the recipients of a host of awards and accolades, including 11 National Teaching Fellowships for outstanding teaching. Our academics draw on their research expertise to ensure that students are in touch with the latest thinking. Lecturers also take part in innovative schemes which add value to their teaching.

We work with our students to enhance curricula, teaching and learning, to ensure that our provision is current, accessible and adaptive to their evolving career goals.

Teaching for the real world

At the heart of teaching is the opportunity to engage beyond the classroom, so that knowledge and theory are taught in a way that gives practical relevance. Real-life projects, high-quality work experience and transferable skills all provide opportunities for our students to learn and to boost their employability.

Many of our lecturers draw on their industry and professional expertise in their work with students. By maintaining links with industry, the knowledge they pass on to students is always based on real world practice.

Students listening to their professor

Inclusive teaching

We are committed to inclusivity in our learning environments, teaching approaches, and the shape and content of the curriculum. University activities include learning enhancement projects, research on inclusive practice development, and a University-wide Inclusive Curriculum Enhancement group which leads workstreams on enhancing inclusive teaching and learning.

Lecturer teaching in a classroom
Students working in the library
Students looking at their laptops