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    Guide to Inclusive teaching and learning.

  • The Inclusive Sandpit Workshop ran on the 27 June 2019, 09.30 - 16.00, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane

    The Inclusive Sandpit Workshop gave individuals and programme teams time to be intensively creative to inspire and be inspired to co-construct a curriculum, responsive to inclusion to produce graduates that have an enhanced and accessible learning experience. The intention was that The Inclusive Sandpit Workshop pooled and captured collective expertise and progressive circular work.  Team members came from faculty programme teams, academic and professional roles across Brookes. The Inclusive Sandpit Workshop was a dedicated time for all to enhance their curriculum offer, share good practice, network, as well as highlight innovative inclusive pedagogy within Brookes. 

    Heads of Departments and Programme Leaders were encouraged to select their Inclusive Sandpit teams prior to the day.  Individuals were also able to decide to work cross-disciplinary and were assigned a team on the day.  

    The Sandpit was facilitated by Dr Graham Holden, former Director of Learning and Teaching at Sheffield Hallam University and Deputy Director of the University Alliance’s Teaching Excellence and colleagues from OCSLD.  

    For further information please contact Mary Kitchener, Educational Development Consultant, OCSLD, email:  m.kitchener@brookes.ac.uk