Examples of our brand in practice

Core publications - undergraduate prospectus

Undergraduate Prospectus cover
Undergraduate Prospectus spread
Undergraduate Prospectus spread
Mini Guide cover
Mini Guide spread
Mini Guide spread

Animated gifs

Below are cover shots of animated gifs for use on various communications including email and display stands.  These examples do not animate here as we don't allow images in the .gif format on our website due to accessibility standards and file size.

It's Time to Discover
Publishing Media
Accounting and Finance
It's Time to Achieve

Campus screens

Inside Track Employability event
Discover Postgraduate
Menopause in the Workplace


It's time to shine

Banner stands

UCAS stand
Tube banner
Volunteer Centre and Inclusive Support banners

Printed communication

Strategy 2035 cover
Financial Statements cover
Your future remastered
Explore your passion postcard

Oxford Brookes Business School

Study business in the UK cover
Placements cover
Executing strategy cover
Postcard from placement

Social media

Email headers

Uncovered March 2024 Issue 1
Uncovered May 2024 Issue 3
Uncovered April 2024 Issue 2
Uncovered July 2024 Issue 5

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