Our photography

Our photography centres around our people.

The style is reportage: candid, real and authentic. We aim to capture everyday student life within our modern university environment without feeling posed or contrived. 

The images should be shot creatively with an emphasis on point of view (POV) using, for example, fresh angles, different perspectives and shifts in focus. The colouring should be natural, and where possible, include pops of colour from our colour palette.

You can view and download photos from our image library.

Individual people

Honesty is key so avoid overly posed shots which don’t look or feel natural. Our people should be active in their environment.

A student in the Forum studying
A student viewing a monitor screen
A student writing
Students talking
A student flicking through a book
A male student wearing a white cap and yellow sweatshirt
A student reading
A student smiling wearing headphones

Groups of people

Groups of people should be imaginatively shot and show people in their environment.

Students working in a lab
Two students in a workshop
View of six students sitting at a desk from above
Two student nurses
Six students standing the JHB Building
Three students chatting and laughing
Three students viewing a paper building plan
Two students smiling outside


People can be shown without necessarily showing their faces. Detail shots can be useful in giving extra interest to a spread or webpage and they can also provide a visual cue to subjects that can be studied.

A student writing on a desk with Japanese text book
Architecture posters hung on a wall
A student with a coffee cup in the foreground
Student holding a blue paint pot with paint on their hands
Over the shoulder view of a student on a laptop viewing a graph
A student studying on a laptop
Two students studying on laptops
A student studying a skeleton hand


Images of Oxford should capture the atmosphere, characteristics and attributes of our vibrant city.

Wherever possible, images of Oxford should include people.

Students standing next to an ornate building
Students in a cafe
A view of shops across a road with cyclists passing by
A student walking by a rack of cycles
A student walking through South Park
Students siting by a wall with graffiti
Students sat down eating and drinking
Two students in a punt looking up to the camera

If you need any help or have questions, please contact the Design Team.