Business School students celebrate making the Dean’s List

Group shot of students and staff at the Dean's List event.
Business School students and staff celebrate at The Dean's List event.

The sun was shining on Wednesday 8 May for the 2024 Dean’s List celebration event held at Oxford Brookes Business School.

The Dean’s List is a prestigious award aimed at celebrating those students who have made an exceptional contribution to the Business School, recognising not only academic excellence, but also a sustained contribution to the mission and vision and reflective of the University’s Guiding Principles.

18 students studying across undergraduate, postgraduate and the Global MBA and Senior Leader Apprenticeship MBA programmes were recognised for making an exceptional contribution to the Business School.

Students who wished to be considered for the award had to demonstrate that they had produced work or taken part in activities that fulfilled one or more of the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability
  • Oxford Brookes Business School Life.

Submissions were then judged by a panel that included the Dean, an Associate Dean, a member of the People and Culture steering group and a Visiting Industrial Fellow or Entrepreneur in Residence.

Award winning students benefit from making the Dean’s List in a number of ways:

  • a personal reference from The Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tim Vorley, OBE
  • a personalised certificate
  • recognition of academics, peers and parents/guardians
  • invitation to a special awards event prior to graduation
  • exposure to external business networks.

Professor Vorley OBE said: “The Dean’s List recognises the achievements and contributions of students across Oxford Brookes Business School. Our students are our greatest ambassadors, and the latest recipients are shining examples of the ways in which they have all demonstrated excellence in different ways during their time with us. Today they join a growing number of graduates with whom we continue to retain active connections as members of our community.

Some of our 2024 Dean’s List award recipients were delighted to share their thoughts on being recognised by their Business School.

“I feel truly honoured to have been selected for the Dean's List. It is safe to say that I shed a tear when I received the confirmation as it truly validates everything I feel I have done at OBBS and makes my efforts feel seen. My time at OBBS has changed my life in so many positive ways, allowing me to get phenomenal qualifications while also investing my time in enrichment activities. My work as President of the Jazz Society, VP of the Entrepreneur Society and Treasurer of Pole Fitness has allowed me to greatly develop many soft skills and has paid off through the awards and nominations these societies have achieved this academic year, while my work with OBU as a Senior Student Ambassador has given me a great deal of personal satisfaction. The teaching team at OBBS have pushed me to always perform at my best and seek new challenges, helping me actively engage with my love of motorsport in constructive ways. Without them, I would not have won the SPARK Award in 2023 or have even dared apply for the prodigious honour of the Dean's List. 
As this chapter of my life comes to a close and another one begins I feel more prepared and confident than ever to strive for success in the business landscape, and I have OBBS to thank for that.”  Matthew Minett, BA (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

“I am deeply honoured to receive the prestigious Dean's List Award. I have been acknowledged for Academic Success through my academic performance and 'Outstanding Placement Student' recognition. I have also contributed to the OBBS Life through my active involvement in the Bacchus Society (as a Vice President) and Korean Hallyu Society (as a President) by organising social events, cultural events and networking opportunities. I have also contributed to the student life by being a course representative and working on the Induction Team to welcome new students. This recognition has highly motivated and inspired me to continue striving for excellence, hard work, and perseverance in all my future endeavours.” Neeraja Dabhole, BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

“It is a privilege to be included in the Dean's list.  As a self funded student, my MBA journey has tracked with launching a non-profit consulting business enabling active knowledge transfer.  This has equally benefited my volunteering work with MIND's development committee and with the 'Big Gig', advising Oxfordshire start-ups on strategy.  I've also enjoyed contributing to the Global MBA community, at alumni events and the Capstone conference, plus as a tutor on Brookes' Publishing Masters Course.  Following a successful first career, the MBA experience has opened up rich and varied opportunities alongside that I never expected!” Sarah Phibbs, Global MBA

“I am incredibly honoured to be included in this year's Dean's List. Being named to the Dean's List at Oxford Brookes is a testament to my consistent academic excellence, having earned the highest marks across many of my modules. For me, this recognition means that all the late nights spent studying were truly worthwhile. To be recognised for this award, I have actively contributed to the university community by serving as a PAL Leader, Module Assistant and Student Representative. I have also participated in numerous projects at Oxford Brookes University aimed at promoting and advocating for increased accessibility and support for mature students on campus. Outside of the university, I volunteer for an Oxfordshire Bangladeshi charity, working towards fostering a stronger community connection. 

I am immensely grateful for my time at Oxford Brookes University, as it has enabled me to truly thrive and reach my full academic potential. It is my sincere hope that being recognised on the Dean’s List will motivate and encourage other students to set ambitious goals for themselves.” Tanjina Rafiq, BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance

“Being on the Dean's List feels like a tangible symbol of all the late nights spent studying and the sacrifices made to excel academically. When I received the email confirming my inclusion, I felt proud that my hard work had been acknowledged and appreciated. It's a reminder that perseverance and tenacity can lead to success in whatever context. Be that personally in terms of modules you find challenging (accounting) or organisationally, with capstone projects which really push the boundaries of teamwork and innovation.” Ami Holder, Senior Leader Apprenticeship-MBA

"The Dean's List is a tremendous honour to be part of an exceptional group of students, one that fills me with joy and excitement. This recognition fuels my determination to continue striving for excellence and surpassing both external and internal expectations. Throughout my academic years, I've dedicated myself to achieving academic success, maintaining high grades, and enhancing the student experience at Oxford Brookes University and the Business School. This was evident in my roles within the Bacchus Society from an Events Assistant to the President where I organised inclusive events and prioritised the community feeling between students, staff, and industry professionals.  Additionally, I fulfilled responsibilities as a student ambassador for Hospitality and the Business School, and as a member of the Induction Team, contributing to the vibrant community of our University." Hugo Macrae, BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

"I'm delighted to have earned a place on this year's Dean's List, in recognition of my commitment and actions in the field of social responsibility and the environment, in addition to my academic achievement.  This fills me with joy and encourages me to pursue my social responsibility and environmental sustainability goals in the DRC and worldwide. My two-and-a-half-year stay at Oxford Brookes University has enabled me to help my community and contribute to the development of academia. Brookes strengthened my entrepreneurial spirit, strategic development and leadership skills, and I gained much experience. This success is the result of the unwavering support of the Oxford Brookes team." Paul Bwiruke, Global MBA

“Being recognised on the Dean's List at Oxford Brookes is an honour, and being acknowledged for being a student partner and winning the Spark Award makes me deeply grateful.” Etse Iluobe, MSc Digital Marketing

“I am truly honoured to be recognised on the Dean's List at Oxford Brookes University. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my module leaders who have played a pivotal role imparting crucial knowledge and skills that have remarkably shaped my academic and professional journey. This recognition reflects not just my academic efforts but also my engagement in entrepreneurial and community activities. Winning the Enterprise Spark award with MaWeb+, a business focused on modernising driving schools for today’s generation, has been a significant milestone, greatly supported by the Enterprise team at Brookes. My placement year with Mandarin Oriental provided valuable experiences, enhancing my practical skills. Additionally, advancing to the semifinals of the International Sustainable Challenge in Switzerland has been a rewarding venture focusing on sustainability innovation. Furthermore, I have also competed in university sports like water polo and volleyball, where, in the latter sport, this year we won the league and ranked second in the Bucs Cup. All these experiences have enriched my life at Oxford Brookes, making these past years unforgettable. I am grateful for this recognition and motivated to continue contributing positively to our community beyond Brookes, always remembering where everything started." Matteo Nania, BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

“I'm very much honoured to be on the 2024 Dean's List at Oxford Brookes. Being on the Dean's List means the world to me. It's a result of all the hard work, late-night study sessions, and the constant support I've received from my professors, friends, and family. It's an amazing feeling to know that my dedication has paid off. Throughout my time at Oxford Brookes, I consistently achieved academic excellence, earning the highest marks in all of my module assessments. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have studied there, as I believe that the university and I brought out the best in each other, resulting in my exceptional academic performance. I hope my comments and the Dean’s List Award inspires other students to aim high and work hard to achieve their goals.” Thae Oo Khin, MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"The transition of being born in a beautiful country, Nepal, and brought up in the UK has been a beautiful journey of knowledge, power, love, emotions, and resilience, which helped me thrive during my time at Oxford Brookes. Since the beginning, I have been determined not just to learn but to create an environment where knowledge is shared freely amongst fellow students striving to reach their full potential.

"Through the great support of amazing professors, colleagues, and friends I met at Oxford Brookes, I managed to land many great opportunities, leading me to take on various leadership roles like student partner and president of the Entrepreneurs Society, where I was able to form a platform for growth, support, and flourishing innovative ideas. I also had the honour of being a proud Oxford Brookes ambassador during my study abroad program at the University of South Florida. To sum up, these experiences have been empowering, elevating, and full of exposure, shaping me to be prepared for the real world. Every moment I lived as an OBBS ambassador, every professor I made proud, and every student's smile and passion I helped ignite filled me with profound joy. Receiving the Dean's List Award is proof that talent and hard work are always celebrated and appreciated, driving my determination to strive for success and keep making a positive impact wherever I go. Thank you, Prof. Tim Vorley, for providing me with this recognition; this means a great deal to me.” Manisha Humagain, BA (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

A huge congratulations to our 2024 Dean’s List winners.

  • Sarah Phibbs | MBA | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Tanjina Rafiq | BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Hugo MacRae | BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Matthew Minett | BA (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Thae Oo Khin | MSc Entrepreneur & Innovation | Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Paul Bwiruke | MBA | Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Ami Holder | Senior Leader Apprenticeship-MBA | Academic Excellence and OBBS Life
  • Benedetta Cattaneo | BA (Hons) International Business Management | Academic Excellence and OBBS Life
  • Matteo Nania | BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management | Academic Excellence and OBBS Life
  • Neeraja Dabhole | BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management | Academic Excellence and OBBS Life
  • Jane Wiejak | MBA | Academic Excellence
  • Etse Iluobe | MSc Digital Marketing | OBBS Life
  • Coco Carmassi | BA (Hons) Event Management | OBBS Life
  • Kofi Owusu-Aidoo | BA (Hons) International Business Management | OBBS Life
  • Eve Wilson | BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management | OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Manisha Humagain | BA (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship | OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Abigail Setterfield | BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management | PRME Prize
  • Niamh Hooker | BA (Hons) Marketing Management | PRME Prize
  • Ray Cyrus Gomes | MSc International Business Management | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Rashidat Tewogbade | MSc Digital Marketing | Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Vedika Narsaria | MSc Marketing Communications Management | Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Marcelo Honorio Campos | BSc Economics, Finance and International Business | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Kyrylo Stetsenko | BA Business and Management | Academic Excellence, OBBS Life, Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability
  • Wiam Rochdi | BSc Economics, Finance and International Business | Academic Excellence and OBBS Life