Payment and registration

The deadline for registration and payment is one month before the exam date. Applications received after the deadline will not be processed. If you have not taken an HSK exam before, please take the time to read through our Registration Guidance for information.

Please ensure you have chosen the correct test centre and date before your registration and payment. Payments are not transferable between test centres. 

Click here to view our Payment and Registration Guide.


After you have registered, you can make your payment through our Oxford Brookes University e-shop. The exam fee must be paid in full before the deadline. You will receive a confirmation email from the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University HSK coordinator once your payment has been received.

Changes, Postponement and Refunds

Once payment has been made, the test centre cannot be changed. If there are any changes to your personal information following the exam, we must be notified no more than three days after your exam has taken place.

Cancellations can be processed only before the registration deadline. Once registration has closed, the exam cannot be cancelled.

You can request to postpone your examination no more than 27 days and no less than 10 days prior to the exam date. A charge of 30% of the examination fee will applied.

Group Registration

Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University provides reliable exam services for all HSK and YCT levels to schools on specially requested dates, as well as at school venues. Please read our Group Registration Guidance for information.

Please ask your Chinese language teachers to contact with any questions or to arrange an examination date.

Home Online Exams

Candidates wishing to sit the Home Online Exams must meet all technical requirements below.

  • Computer with a camera: Windows (7/10) operating system. Mac systems and Apple products cannot be used.
  • Browser: Google Chrome (version 66.0 and above). It’s recommended to set the screen resolution to 1440*900 and above, the minimum setting is 1366*768 and above.
  • Network: Internet speed 150KB / s and above.
  • A phone with a camera or an iPad with a camera: access Zoom for exam invigilation
  • Headphones: clear with good sound insulation. (Equipment testing link:
  • Examination environment: The exam should be taken in a closed room where no one will disturb you. It is forbidden to take the exam in public areas such as parks, internet cafes, restaurants, etc. Computers and keyboards must be placed on a clean desk or table. No one else is allowed to enter or leave the room during the exam. There must not be any prohibited items in the exam room.
  • All candidates must be within UK/EU borders at the time of exam due to server requirements. If candidates are found not to be within the geographic area at the time of the exam, they will be removed from the examination and ineligible to test on the day.
  • The examination requires the installation of the HSK home client software. If you cannot download the client, you will be unable to sit the exam using the home online test. It is the candidates responsibility to install and test the HSK home client software before the examination day.
  • Refunds: If the candidate fails to attend or complete the exam for reasons not due to the exam centre, no refund or postponement will be available. This includes candidates
    • not testing their HSK home client software prior to the exam in order to solve any potential issues,
    • not attending the ID and environment check prior to the examination start or
    • leaving the examination environment before submission of their exam