This course is designed for Chinese language students aiming to sit the HSK 3 Chinese Proficiency Exam. Using a combination of mock exams, past exam papers and lessons covering the listening, reading, and writing, students of this course will be recommended to enrol on 2-term courses to enable a continuation of study and to ensure the students gain a maximum capability to sit the HSK 3 exam.

One-to-one advice and feedback is provided by the instructor to help students reach their highest marks.

10 weeks per term

Thursdays 6-8pm

Members of the public: £150 per term 

Concession/OBU affiliate: £105 per term 


Students should have passed HSK 2 with a minimum score of 170; or have taken 60-80 hours of Mandarin Chinese 300-400 words and master beginner-intermediate grammar knowledge. Students should have a basic knowledge of the characters and can recognize the 300 words in HSK1 and HSK 2

Students should have one to two hours to learn after class every day for listening, reading and review for passing the HSK exam.

If you are not sure about your level, please contact the office for an assessment before registering on the course.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of 2-term HSK 3 courses, students will be able to:

  • Recognise approximately 600 words and 400 characters from the HSK 3 exam.
  • Write up to 270 characters from the HSK 3 exam.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Understand complex sentences and conversations with native speakers.
  • Understand the HSK 3 exam process and format.
  • Confidently sit the exam.


This course uses the HSK 3 Standard Course textbook.

The HSK3 textbook information:

  1. HSK 3 standard course
    Beijing Language and culture university press
    Lead author: Jiang Liping Authors: Yu Miao, LiLin 2014
    ISBN 978-7-5619-3818-8
  2. HSK 3 standard course workbook
    Beijing Language and culture university press
    Lead author: Jiang Liping Authors: Yu Miao, LiLin 2014
    ISBN 978-7-5619-3815-7

3. HSK 3 Past exam Paper

4. HSK 3 Mock exam paper

5. HSK 3 Vocabulary list

6. HSK 3 Quizlet for vocabulary review/practice

Refund policy

Refund requests will only be accepted under the following terms:

  • Applications for a refund must be made in writing or via email to ci@brookes.ac.uk.
  • Full refunds will only be made if they are received by the Confucius Institute 5 working days before the start date of the course.
  • The first class of courses above Beginner 1 may be attended for free to allow students to ascertain if the level is suitable for them. Students may only attend the first lesson if this has been discussed with the Administrative Officer. Payment must then be made before the second class.
  • Once payment has been made and the course has started, refunds will only be given for extenuating medical or personal circumstances. Requested refunds of this nature must be accompanied by evidence and will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Courses attended will be deducted plus a £20 administrative fee from the amount refunded.
  • We encourage each student to consider the time commitment needed for each course and ensure they feel able to attend the majority of lessons.