Global Public Health Leadership

MPH or PGDip or PGCert

Start dates: January 2024 / September 2024

Full time: 12 months

Part time: 2-5 years

Location: Distance learning

Department(s): Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development

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How do we get communities to identify what they need? How do we empower groups and populations to support and promote good health from within? Is there a better way to advocate for society’s most vulnerable and underserved?

On our Global Public Health Leadership MPH, you’ll explore global questions in rigorous detail. You’ll look at ways to build leadership in different settings and discover innovative ways to promote better health in the community. This course is about taking new ideas and concepts, putting them into action and finding ways to mobilise initiatives from the ground up.

This course is taught entirely online so you can study alongside work commitments. You will have constant academic support, be involved in a community of other students, and be able to access all your reading materials online. 

Whether you’re interested in improving public health on a global level, or looking to further an existing career in public health services, this course will give you the expertise to get you there. 

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Group in a health leadership meeting

Why Oxford Brookes University?

  • A global perspective

    At Oxford Brookes we take a global perspective on public health, giving you an insight into the various ways health is influenced in diverse cultures all over the world.

  • The Health and Wellbeing Research Group

    Be inspired by the experts at The Health and Wellbeing Research Group, a body that specialises in studying prevention efforts for physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

  • A recognised qualification

    This interdisciplinary degree is a globally recognised qualification that covers a range of leadership and management disciplines.

  • A stepping stone to a rewarding career

    Whether you want to advance in a current clinical role, or are looking to enter the health or social care care sector, this course will give you the skills to make it happen.

Course details

Course structure

Throughout this course you’ll examine different approaches to public health leadership, looking at the environmental, behavioural and cultural influences at play.

You’ll begin with studies in health promotion and project management. With a practical focus we’ll expose a wide range of health promotion theories and look at how to put them into practice in real world situations.

You’ll study leadership, looking at how you can empower leaders within communities. You’ll also spend time developing research skills and learn how to gather evidence and data.

There’s a strong emphasis on health promotion in this course, about how we can stimulate positive change. You’ll study community empowerment and advocacy, and look at the relationship between health services and various communities.

Your dissertation can be based on traditional research, but you will also have the option to create a health promotion tool. Previous graduates developed work that incorporated new technologies, apps, marketing campaigns and social media.

Two female students in a meeting

Learning and teaching

You will be taught through eight distance-learning modules. And each module is introduced with a dedicated study skills refresher unit. 

With high-quality online teaching technology, modules are engaging and interactive, motivating you to study at a pace suited to you.

We use a variety of teaching methods including:

  • pre-recorded concise introductory lectures in video format
  • webinars 
  • asynchronous forums and activities 
  • formative online group work
  • bespoke reading materials.


For each 20-credit module, online contact and independent study time amounts to about 200 hours.

This includes:

Online discussions/contributions - 40 hours

Pre-recorded lectures - 2 hours

Group work - 4 hours

Webinars - 4 hours

Guided study - 50 hours

Independent study - 70 hours

Assessment preparation - 30 hours.

Your assessments will be diverse, and will support different learning styles - you’ll have a real opportunity to showcase your strengths. Your learning may be assessed by a combination of individual or group coursework, examinations, and presentations. The assessment methods chosen will be based on your learning needs, individual aims and the academic standards expected for the course.

Start this course in January

You have the option to start this course in January. You will study a range of modules between January and May. During the summer months of June, July and August you will study further modules and begin work on your dissertation. Between September and December you will complete your final modules and focus on your dissertation.

Study modules

The modules listed below are for the master's award. For the PGDip and PGCert awards your module choices may be different. Please contact us for more details.

Taught modules

Compulsory modules

  • Project Management Skills (10 credits)

  • Health Promotion (20 credits)

  • Public Health Leadership (20 credits)

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation (20 credits)

    This module offers students the ability to understand and evaluate statistical data with the use of software. Students will also gain an understanding of how appropriate statistical techniques are chosen for a particular context. They will develop information technology and academic writing skills to present and interpret statistical information in a report. This module does not assume previous statistical knowledge and the analyses included in the teaching and assessment are those which are commonly seen in health-related research and policy papers.

    Assessment is via a written statistical report.  

  • Epidemiology and Research Methods (20 credits)

  • Community Empowerment and Advocacy (20 credits)

  • Communicable Diseases (20 credits)

  • Global Public Health Leadership Project (50 credits)

Please note: As our courses are reviewed regularly as part of our quality assurance framework, the modules you can choose from may vary from those shown here. The structure of the course may also mean some modules are not available to you.


The research areas and groups that relate to this subject include:

Student researching on a laptop


Graduates of our global public health leadership programme develop a vast amount of expertise, allowing them to pursue a range of careers in public health. You’ll be able to further your existing career if you’re working in an area such as nursing, or you can enter a new field such as:

  • local government agencies,
  • charities,
  • data analysis,
  • health care management,
  • health education.

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