Pre-sessional English courses

Take a pre-sessional University English course to meet the language requirements of your degree. This course is accepted instead of IELTS as proof of your language ability. You can take the course before a bachelor's or master's degree.

If you have a degree offer already, send us your IELTS for UKVI language test. We will then advise you on when to start your pre-sessional English programme:

A student stood near a tree, smiling.

“This course will prepare me for writing academic vocab when in the future I’m doing research. I like to talk with our tutors as they are very friendly, and they can explain anything I don’t know.”

Kamonchanok Siriyananda - Thailand, Pre-sessional English Course followed by Msc Cyber Security

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5 benefits of taking a pre-sessional English course

  1. Competence in English and an alternative route to meeting the English language entry requirements of a student’s future course
  2. A course which is embedded within a UK university and therefore provides a context similar to that which the student is preparing for
  3. Knowledge and understanding of effective study skills to encourage greater success on subsequent courses
  4. Smaller classes which means more tailored support from the class tutor
  5. Excellent progression rates and feedback from former students

Determining which course you need to take

Pre-sessional English is taught in 6-12 week blocks at four different levels. You will be taught with students of a similar language ability to your own. You will take consecutive course blocks until you reach the level required for your degree course. 

You can find more information below about which course you need to take depending on your current IELTS level and the level that you need to achieve.

You will find the course length and available start dates for each level below. 

Degree courses requiring an IELTS 6.0 entry level

If you plan to study on a Foundation or Pre-master's programme, an Admissions tutor can advise you on a progression route from University English.