Space Planning

  • Space planning

    The Space Planning Team supports the Estates Investment Plan by providing data on the current University estate.  Working closely with Faculties and Directorates to understand how rooms are currently used and what future needs are to help draw up concepts whilst adhering to the University's space reduction target.

    We support office moves, from helping to brief new spaces, specifying furniture, understanding storage needs and ensuring the move is handled with as little disruption as possible.  In 2014 we helped to move over 200 staff following the JHB opening.

  • The team can help design, brief and assist through an office move. Helping with tips on packing and making the process as non-disruptive as possible. 
    All requests for moves should be requested well in advance through an Estates & Facilities Request; this process also ties up with the IT Services requirements.
    We annually review space use across the University and benchmark the use internally and against other Universities.
    All new spaces will adhere to the University's Space Guidelines to improve flexibility across all campuses.
    Following every move or opening of new space we conduct Post Occupancy Surveys and workshops to understand what works well and what could be improved on in future developments. 
    The data helps us to continue to plan improvements to new spaces and review our processes.
    We have floor and site plans for our whole estate available as either a .pdf or .dwg file.  To request a plan, please contact Christopher Abrams on or ext 4635 stating what you need the plans for.

    Every year we upgrade up to 20 teaching rooms across campuses. 
    Work involves:

    • Improving the decoration
    • Upgrading audio visual equipment
    • Replacing furniture

    The Space Planning Team is responsible for updating way-finding signage across the estate in accordance to the Oxford Brookes University Sign Guide that was approved by the Art & Way-finding Committee in July 2016.  We have a standard approach to enhance the identity of Oxford Brookes University working with the newest architecture yet also co-ordinating the existing buildings, creating a unity and sense of place across the university estate.

    The journey to a particular room involves understanding the route through Campus, building, floor to the room.  Visitors should be aware of their end destination room code and the signage should enable them to get there easily.

    If you are aware of any gaps in the way-finding journey or wish to request an amendment, please contact Liam Ward on or ext 4738.