• Aims and Scope

    Geoverse is an e-journal of undergraduate research in Geography, a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University, University of Reading, University of Gloucestershire and Queen Mary, University of London. Our aim at Geoverse is to provide student support, whilst motivating and rewarding students for producing innovative and best undergraduate research practice, and then disseminating their work, through publication.

    Geoverse welcomes articles based on Undergraduate Research, submitted from single or multiple authors, as well as guest papers from all other institutions. All papers of publication standard will be published electronically at Geoverse Papers. Students wishing to discuss a possible submission to Geoverse are welcome to contact Helen Walkington ( for further advice.

    Geoverse publishes the very best of original undergraduate research and scholarship in physical and human geography, with particular emphasis placed on:

    • Publication of geographical research undertaken by individuals and groups during, or as part of, undergraduate degrees;
    • All aspects of geographical thought, investigation and critical reflection, with a balance of human, environmental and physical geography;
    • The publication of research findings undertaken using a wide range of research approach, design and methodology;
    • Ensuring rigorous standards of refereeing, and exposing students to the process of academic publication.

    The aims of Geoverse are:

    • to allow students to pilot research writing skills in a supportive but rigorous environment of review.  The latter exposes students to the process of academic publication. 
    • to allow high quality undergraduate research to be accessed in the public domain.


    Geoverse is published for students and researchers across the disciplines of Geography, the Earth, Environmental and Social Sciences. Emphasis is placed on the publication of original research based on theoretically considered and empirically based investigations undertaken at undergraduate level.