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  • The War Beyond the Western Front

    Uncovering the hidden histories of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

    The War beyond the Western Front is a collaborative project between Oxford Brookes and the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (SOFO) and is funded by the AHRC Centre for Hidden Histories at the University of Nottingham.

    With this project we aim to promote research into the history and heritage of the First World War beyond the trenches of Western Europe. That is, to explore the less well trodden theatres both geographically and by highlighting themes surrounding migration and displacement; race and ethnicity; and the experience of ‘others’ within and beyond Europe including Asia and the Commonwealth. The project’s particular focus is on the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire battalions as documented in the SOFO archive, and especially in relation to the Italian, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Russian campaigns.

    We are currently supporting fourteen individual research projects conducted by museum volunteers and Brookes students, and look forward to featuring their findings in an exhibition at SOFO in September and subsequently at the Glass Tank at Brookes.

    Get involved

    If you want to get involved, to pursue your own research or to gain work experience, please contact Tudor Georgescu.

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