Let's Read Japanese

A series of 6 graded levels providing engaging stories for all learners of Japanese.

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One of the most frustrating problems for students learning Japanese, is the relative absence of good reading material which allows them to both practice the language at different levels, and also learn about Japanese history and society. The Let’s Read Japanese series fulfills this need by providing graded, engaging stories for all learners of Japanese.

The books include famous stories from Japan and other parts of the world – re-tellings of traditional stories, classic tales, Japanese legends and poems, as well as some newly-commissioned stories - all designed to introduce particular aspects of Japanese culture and society. 

The stories complement any textbook being used by a learner of Japanese anywhere in the world; the books are ideal for those learning in language schools or through self-study.

With beautiful colour illustrations woven throughout the text, based on classic and contemporary Japanese art, the Let’s Read Japanese will ensure hours of pleasurable learning and practice.

“Students felt that they were able to read and understand Japanese texts, and were motivated to read more materials other than textbooks.”

Toshihiko Kitagawa, Senior Lecturer, Regent’s University London

“A nice story. It is not too hard but also not too easy. It will be good when it comes to learning grammar as well as plain form […] Overall, I think it is very useful.”

Japanese Teacher

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