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OSCOLA is a set of guidelines for accurately citing cases, legislation and other materials. As part of your law course, you may be asked to use the OSCOLA referencing style to cite the resources you have used in your work.

Referencing your sources is a key aspect of academic and legal writing. By referencing your sources you are demonstrating that:

  • you can provide the relevant legal authority to support your work.
  • the arguments that you refer to have been supported by evidence from reliable and credible sources.
  • credit is given to other people's work, thereby avoiding plagiarism.
  • you have searched resources like books and journals widely for information on your topic.

If you are an LLB student, OSCOLA training will have been provided in your first semester. You can find the slides on Moodle.

Some useful resources to help with your referencing are:

  • OSCOLA handbook (4th edition) (PDF). This is the authoritative guide to OSCOLA.
  • Quick guide to OSCOLA (PDF). This is a useful reference guide, but there's not much explanation or context. It is a handy reminder once you are confident with OSCOLA, but it is not recommended when you are still familiarising yourself with the style.
  • OSCOLA international sources guide (PDF): This supplementary guide covers a range of international materials not covered in the main handbook e.g. UN treaties, the European Convention on Human Rights, and cases from the International Court of Justice.
  • IALS Library guide to OSCOLA: This site has been created by IALS Library, part of the University of London. The content is the same as the OSCOLA handbook, but the format makes it easier to navigate and use.
  • OSCOLA workshops: These are open to students in any year.

This playlist of short videos walks you through different parts of OSCOLA referencing. They make reference to the OSCOLA handbook, which you can download below.

How to use Westlaw

How to use LexisLibrary

International law

If you are taking an international law module, start with the online module reading list to find recommended sources. HeinOnline will be useful for finding further resources.

There is a list of recommended and authoritative websites that cover international law.

If you’re looking for journal articles on international law, HeinOnline is an excellent starting point.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library is the library of the United Nations and is a good resource for researching treaties and other multinational sources or bodies.

How to use HeinOnline