Exchange and Study Abroad

As an exchange or study abroad student, you will be studying 4 to 5 single modules. The modules you have chosen as part of your application process will be added automatically to your programme of study.

Once you are fully enrolled, you will be able to view your modules through your Student Information portal. The Global Engagement Team will contact you if your modules are not approved or if they require changes for any reason (such as if your timetable clashes).

During your Induction Week, you will meet the Global Engagement team and your Academic Adviser. Your Academic Adviser will help you with your modules and offer you support and guidance with your learning while you are at Oxford Brookes University.

Induction schedules

Students taking two or more Business modules

If you are studying two or more Business modules, your induction will include activities with the Oxford Brookes Business School. Your schedule will inform you how you will meet your Academic Adviser. You should follow the schedule for students taking Business modules.

Students taking all other modules

If you are studying any other modules please see your induction schedule below. The Global Engagement team will email you directly about meeting your Academic Adviser. You should follow the induction schedule for students taking all other modules.

Events calendar

We also have a calendar of events which are open to all students. This includes social events, workshops and tours. You are very welcome to join any of the events on the calendar which interest you.

Learn more about events for international students.

Help and advice

If you have any questions or need some advice about your modules, please contact the Global Engagement Team:

You can also contact the Student Induction Team if you need some general help around induction and arrivals.