NMC Test of Competence

  • NMC Test of Competence

  • Welcome to Oxford Brookes University's introductory page for the Test of Competence for nurses and midwives seeking registration with the NMC. The NMC will notify you of your eligibility to take Part 2 (OSCE). In order to qualify for Part 2 you must have successfully completed Part 1 and have provided the NMC with the correct documents.

    Covid-19 Update: 4 January 2021

    Dear Candidates and Sponsors,

    We’re aware of a number of national lockdown restrictions across the UK, however, the Competence Test Centre at Oxford Brookes University will remain open during this time.

    The safety of candidates and competence test centre staff remains a priority for us and we will continue to operate in line with Covid-secure measures. Travelling to the competence test centres to complete your Test of Competence is considered essential travel.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our test centre.

  • We have become aware that some organisations and consultancies are offering OSCE preparation training sessions for candidates for Part 2 of the Test of Competence.

    Please be aware that by attending these courses you do so at your own risk, these training sessions are NOT endorsed or approved by either Oxford Brookes University or the NMC and could prepare you inaccurately for the exam.


    My examiner and the staff were very professional and this made me feel at ease during the whole OSCE experience.

    The approach of the OSCE team was well organised, professional and supportive.

    The method of conducting the exam was excellent.

    Staff are helpful and polite, they do their best to help the candidates.

    The coordination of the team, the atmosphere, how we are able to talk with the examiners with ease, support from staff at the centre made me comfortable and I was free of anxiety.

    Conducive and warm waiting area in the canteen, relaxed environment throughout the exam.

    The respect given to me and clear explanation of every station.

    The orientation part to each scenario was very thorough and calm, supportive demeanour of the amicable examiners made it easier for me to feel at ease with what I was doing.