Trusts and Agencies

NHS Trust and Agency dedicated test days

The Test Centre is able to run OSCEs up to five days a week in Oxford and in Swindon.

Whilst we appreciate there may be internal demands within your Trusts, such as training, we request that all Trusts contact us as soon as possible if they have candidates who need to take the OSCE within a restricted time period. Whilst we will do everything we can, we cannot guarantee that your candidates will be assessed on or by certain days or dates.

To formally request a dedicated test day for your Trust please contact us directly on will try to accommodate your request for specific dates. Failing this, we will provide you with reasonable alternatives. We are only able to hold/reserve a test day for a maximum period of 48 hours and the date can only be secured with a PRN and a method of payment, whether that be a purchase order or a card payment.

Booking process

Once your candidate has received their decision letter from the NMC to move on to Part two, contact can be made to us in two ways:

  1. The candidate can contact us individually to arrange payment and book a place on an individual test day.
  2. You can confirm your candidates to us and make a payment by contacting

Once booked, candidates will receive details on how to access preparation materials will provide them with all the information they will need to prepare themselves for the examination.

Please note that we strongly recommend at least 14 days access to the online material in order to help candidates prepare sufficiently for the exam.

Group bookings

We cater for group and block bookings from NHS Trusts and Agencies. It can take up to ten days to confirm a group booking.

Examination process

The OSCE examination consists of assessing the person's journey and assessment of skills. Candidates are in the test centre for approximately three to four hours.

An identification (ID) check will be conducted on-site by the NMC ID checker during your OSCE where all the candidate’s original documents submitted as part of the application process to the NMC will be verified. If you are a Return to Practice candidate, then a full ID check will not be required, just your passport on arrival will need to be seen.

Please see the NMC website for further details.

Further information

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NMC Competence Test Centre (individual enquiries)

NMC Competence Test Centre (group enquiries)

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