Behaviour Policy

Reasonable behaviour is expected from all the children, who are given clear, simple and consistent rules in a manner suitable to their age and stage of development and individual needs.

Positive behaviour is encouraged in the following ways:

  • Staff are positive role models.
  • Lots of praise and encouragement is given in recognition of children’s positive behaviour (See sheet 1 & 2).
  • Children are also praised for ‘being’ to develop their self-esteem.
  • Positive language is used whenever possible (e.g. please walk rather than don’t run), to make instructions easier for the children to understand and to create a happier, more positive environment (See sheet 3).
  • Staff work together with parents on strategies to develop consistency between home and nursery.

However, on the occasions when unacceptable behaviour is identified, staff will respond by using the following strategies, depending on the behaviour and age of the child:

  • Choices and consequences - The child is offered a choice and resulting consequence for both continuing or modifying their behaviour (See sheet 4 & 5).
  • Time out to calm down - The child is calmly removed from the situation and allowed a ‘cooling off’ period out of sight of the other children (See sheet 6 & 7).

Undesirable behaviour such as bullying, biting or pushing is dealt with by calmly removing them away from the other child and focusing the attention on the child who has been hurt. Appropriate behaviour is modelled and praised when achieved. A simple ‘No’ is all the attention given to younger children to ensure that the behaviour does not become an attention seeking one and therefore hard to break. Staff discuss the consequences of undesirable behaviour with the older children, who have the required level of language comprehension, to help them understand the impact of their actions and find appropriate ways of resolving their frustrations.

If a pattern of unacceptable behaviour continues, the Nursery Manager will involve the parents in discussions to try and resolve the problem.

These are the only forms of resolving conflicts that we accept in the nursery. Any use of violence or abuse to a child by a member of staff will result in suspension and disciplinary procedures. The only time physical restraint will be deemed acceptable is if the child was likely to cause personal injury to either themselves, another child/adult or damage to property. In this event, the incident would be recorded and parents informed and asked to sign their awareness.

Behaviour related to Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Discriminatory remarks and/or behaviour such as name calling and excluding other children from activities due to any form of difference are not tolerated. Even without ‘intent’, it is the impact such remarks have on a child which is unacceptable. Such incidents will be dealt with by staff in the following ways:

  • In a calm and patient way staff will challenge any discriminatory comment, referring to the nursery ‘rules’ of respecting one another
  • Staff will talk to the children about how such comments might make the other person feel, concentrating on their feelings rather than the difference
  • Staff will make it clear to the child/ren that such comments are not acceptable in the nursery, talk about how everyone is different and has special qualities and needs
  • Staff would report such an incident to the manager and fill out an incident sheet, outlining what action has been taken
  • The child/ren’s key person would inform the parents/carers, of all children concerned, about the incident at the end of their session, explaining what action has been taken, referring them to our policy and procedures and, if appropriate, the parents guide to dealing with prejudice
  • If the situation reoccurs with the same child, the manager will arrange a meeting with the parents to discuss the situation and agree further actions to be taken

Incidences of such behaviour are rare and the intention is always to stop the behaviour and to prevent its reoccurrence. The following preventative measures are used within the nursery:

  • The use of ‘Persona Dolls’ to focus on differences in a positive way and explore children’s feelings and the consequences of discrimination
  • Empowering children by helping them with the language to use to enable them to make their own challenges to discrimination
  • Displaying positive, inclusive images around the nursery of people of different races, abilities, gender and age
  • Staff being good role models for the children in promoting a respectful and inclusive environment

The named person for behaviour management is Sarah Hinkin.

Further information

This policy was reviewed in November 2021.