Dr Greg Kapuscinski

Doctor of Philosophy

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Oxford Brookes Business School

Greg Kapuscinski


My teaching in Oxford Brookes Business School focuses on Marketing (traditional and digital), Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the services context. I lead a number of modules on undergraduate and postgraduate levels which include 'Digital Marketing for Service Industries' , 'Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Tourism and Hospitality' and more focused modules such as the 'Tourism Digital Distribution Strategies'. This includes supervision of dissertations on undergraduate, masters, and PhD level.

I am also actively engaged in research and currently pursue a number of projects internally and with external collaborators. I also sit on the editorial panel of the Journal of Vacation Marketing and I am a member of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE).

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Digital Marketing for Service Industries
  • Business Planning for Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Tourism Digital Distribution Strategies


I supervise MSc dissertations and currently two PhD projects.


My research outputs to date focus on the issue of travel behaviour, perceived risk and media studies. Beyond this, my research interests include digital marketing, media effects, disaster and crisis management. Specific areas of interest include hospitality, tourism, and retail marketing and consumer behaviour.

Research projects

Currently working on a number of project related to consumer behaviour and organisational practice. Below are two examples of most recent research.

First of examples is a project which focuses on the resilience of the service industries in response to human made and natural disasters. The project focuses on the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in tourism and hospitality to assess the ways in which such businesses respond to, adapt, and innovate in response to adversity.

The second example is a project concerning social media crisis communication strategies. The specific interest is around ways in which employer and consumer brands can effectively manage their reputation by providing appropriate responses to emerging crises.

Research impact

The academic impact regarding the practice of reputation management on social media in service industries. 

Centres and institutes


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE)


  • 2019 APacCHRIE & EuroCHRIE Joint Conference (22-25 May, Hong Kong)
  • 2018 Council for Hospitality Management Education (22-25 May, Bournemouth)