Dr Husni Kharouf


Reader in Marketing, UG Marketing Programme Lead

Oxford Brookes Business School


Manage the undergraduate marketing programmes 

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Strategic Marketing 


Supervised PhD to completion and PG and UG students.


My research explores the various elements that create and maintain successful business operations, particularly focusing on long term relationships between organisations and their customers. Some of these elements centre on building trust and establishing a trustworthy image, as well as how organisations can repair a relationship following a violation of trust.   

My other research areas are the applications of signalling theory and conceptualising and creating effective online customer engagement. I use quantitative methods in my research, mainly multivariate data analysis such as structural equation modelling.

Research impact

I published my work in leading academic journals such as, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Services Marketing and Studies in Higher Education. 


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Academy of Marketing Science 


Selected Conference Publications 

  • Kharouf, H., Lund, D., Raju, MD., Hickman, E., (2023), The Impact of Brand Coolness and Virtual Presence Following a Product Failure., Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), New Orleans: USA. 
  • Manthiou, K., Hickman, E., and Klaus, P., Kharouf, H., (2023) The Truth About Negative Emotions: the crucial role of service employees for the customer experience., 2023 AMS World Marketing Congress (WMC) Kent Business School, Canterbury (UK). 
  • Kharouf, H, Hickman, E., Garcia-Perez, A., Biscaia, R., (2019), Digital customer experience: identifying the drivers and outcomes of successful mega events. QUIS16, Karlstad, Sweden. 
  • Gibbs, T. and Kharouf, H. (2018) Running on Goodwill? Relationship Quality and Service Outcomes in University Professional Services. Society for Research into Higher Education International Conference on Research into Higher Education. 5-7 December 2018 Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales.
  • Kharouf, H., Sekhon, H., Appleyard, L., and Fazal eHasan, F., (2017) assessing the effects of advertising and switching costs on customers' trust: A cross cultural study - Frontiers in Service New York.
  • Kharouf, H, Garcia-Perez, A., Pritchard, A and Robinson J., (2016), Towards a better understanding of digital sporting legacy: a knowledge management perspective’ - 17th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2016).
  • Kharouf, H., (2015), The Effect of Integrity and Competence Based Trust Recovery on Perceived Organisational Trustworthiness, International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS14) – Shanghai, China.


Generated over £100,000 in Applied Research funding through Knowledge Transfer Partnership, leading two successful projects in partnership with start-up organisations in the energy and technology sectors