4.1 Expected standards

The University is committed to providing a positive and encouraging environment, in which all students have the opportunity to study safely and perform to the best of their ability. Student and staff members of the University are expected to participate in this community - and in the wider community in which the University is located - by conforming to the highest standards of behaviour, and service provision. Specifically, we expect all staff and students to behave in ways that exemplify the University’s five guiding principles:

  • Confidence
  • Enterprising creativity
  • Connectedness
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Inclusivity

The University has regulations and procedures in place to deal with instances where behaviours, services and/or facilities fall below the expected standards. They are based on the principles of reasonableness, natural justice and proportionality; and on the expectation that staff and students will comply with all reasonable instructions in carrying out their work/studies at the University. Specific operational processes may vary during a student’s period of study, superseding those in place at the time of enrolment - notifications of such changes will be published via the appropriate communication channels.

Processes are also in place to enable students to appeal decisions made under any of the following regulations in this section. Appeals may only be made on the grounds of: bias; new information coming to light that could not reasonably have been provided at the time; procedural irregularity; or the issuing of disproportionate penalties.