4.2 Student complaints

The University operates a Student Complaints procedure which allows students (as individuals or in groups) enrolled on an Oxford Brookes award, and for up to two months after the publication of their final grades, to seek redress for any disadvantage, damage or distress caused by inappropriate acts or omissions of the University, its staff or agents. The procedure applies to acts and omissions which take place at a time when the complainant(s) is a student of the University, including those on approved temporary withdrawal. Additionally, the procedure gives the University an opportunity to identify any shortcomings and make improvements to its procedures and practices.

The complaints process is managed by the Student Investigation and Resolution Team - details and forms can be obtained from their website.

The University is committed to enabling the student voice, and acting on student feedback via a range of channels. Students are encouraged to seek local resolutions of any issues, for example, through their module leader or student representatives, before they consider making a complaint through the formal procedure.

A complaint made on insufficient grounds, with the intention of causing annoyance or distress, is considered to fall below the standards of behaviour expected at Oxford Brookes; and a student bringing such a complaint may be subject to sanctions under the conduct regulations (see section 4.5). 

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