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    Oxford Brookes University aims to provide the highest quality services and facilities to all of its students. We hope you find that this happens throughout your time at University. However, if there are areas which concern you, or you wish to complain about an incident, let us know as soon as possible.

    If you can informally talk to the person (or those in charge of the provision) involved, then please do so. If you cannot do this, you may need to raise a complaint. Please see guidance and speak to a staff member about how to do this.

    It is easier to investigate a complaint soon after the event has occurred. Though we realise it may not be possible to raise a complaint immediately, the University expects students to submit any complaints that they have within two months of the event. Students should be aware that if they do not do so within two months of the issue or circumstance arising, it is likely that their complaint will be dismissed without further investigation or consideration due it to being late. The University will not normally consider complaints made after this, unless there is a good reason (with evidence to support) for the delay.

    Help and advice

    If you need any further advice on how the procedure works, you should contact:

    If a complaint alleges harassment and/or bullying by one or more members of staff, the provisions of the Policy and Procedure on Harassment and Bullying shall apply (with the complainant having the same rights as an aggrieved member of staff under that policy). The Student Complaint Procedure does not cover matters relating to conduct.

  • If you wish to submit a formal complaint, then you will need to complete a Complaints and Appeals Form. You should also refer to Student Complaint Procedure.
    If you think there was a flaw in the assessment process, you can submit an academic appeal against a decision of an Examination Committee. The Academic Appeals Procedure, the Complaints and Appeals Form and guidance on how to request an academic appeal can be found in the Academic Appeals section of this website.
    If you wish to complain about a matter that occurred at, or was the responsibility of your institution, the initial complaint should be made under the institution’s complaint procedures. However, if those procedures have been completed and you are dissatisfied with the response,you can refer the complaint to the University. More advice about which institution to complain to can be sought from the University Student Investigation and Resolution Team.
  • Oxford Brookes does not allow vexatious or frivolous complaints or appeals. This means submissions will not be accepted if they are deemed to be:

    • obsessive, harassing, or repetitive
    • abusive in tone or language
    • insistent on pursuing unrealistic or unreasonable outcomes
    • designed to cause disruption or annoyance
    • demanding disproportionate redress, which lacks any serious purpose or value

    For advice about writing your complaint or appeal, please speak to Brookes Union Advice Service.

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